About the website

Though the creation of the website was long in my mind, the trigger for plunging into action happened one fine Sunday morning when Shruthi D/O H.Kannan talked about creating a Google Group for the association members as a prelude to a dedicated website.

She recounted, how thrilled she used to feel whenever she receives an invitation to view the picasa web photo album of association events. She said, how great will it be to have a website of our own to share ideas, photos,the happenings and the likes among ourselves. We just chatted about pros and cons of a group like Google Group and other ways of people getting together to share and view information.  Later in the day, I discussed further on this, in brief, with C.S.Venkatesh and S.Kannan  ,who sounded very positive and thrilled of the idea of a website for the association...!

Buoyed by their positive energy, I got the impetus to venture into our website. I decided to use Google-sites, based on its user friendliness and reputation.That night, I created the framework and the next Sunday completed the website design..!  Thus was born the CMWA website..!

Numerous discussions with people like C.S.Venkatesh, S.Kannan,Sundararaman and Easwaran & their inputs have been instrumental in forming the contents of this website.  Thank you folks..!
Special thanks to C.S.Venkatesh and S.Kannan for their immediate review and feedback on several iterations of the website in its work-in-progress stage..!

It gives me immense pleasure and sense of satisfaction to have been involved in this project... Thanks to the association for providing the opportunity..!

While it is a milestone in our history,the success lies in the usage of the website -Isn't the  Proof of Pudding  in the eating..? 

Ever Your,

(Kambar St.)