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Announcements and Nagar News..!

  • Golu 2019
    Golu is celebrated this year with the usual fervor this year. 
    Colorful dolls , theme based arrangements underscored the golu this year.

    There is also a competition organized by CMWA. The results of the competition is given at the end of the photos.

    ** Click on the Names below to view the Complete set of respective Golu photos

    Golu Competition Results

    Congratulations to all Participants and the Winners
         I Prize : Mrs. Kanchana Dhanabalan
    II Prize : Mrs. Sankari Chandran
       III Prize : Mrs. Vidhya Ramaswamy

    Consolation Prizes

    Mrs. Braghathalakshmi Bharani
    Mrs. Jayashree Kannan
    Mrs. Rajalakshmi Rajagopalan

    All the participants get Participation memento

    Golu Competition Judges & Coordinators

    Judges : Smt. Lalitha Rajasekar & Smt. Niranjana Sridharan
    Coordinating team : Smt. Susila Raghavan, Smt.Nirmala Ravi & Sri. L.Sundararaman


    Please see below the News item published in The Hindu Down town dt 6th Oct 2019 as forwarded by Mr.L.Sundararaman 

    Posted Oct 10, 2019, 1:36 AM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • Annual Day and Get together 8 Sep 2019

      Someone said "Together is a wonderful place to be". We are already in a wonderful place and were together last evening,  So we were in a place doubly wonderful..!

    While CMWA is synonymous with togetherness in Heart & Thought, the Annual get together day is a day for all of us to meet in person and share our happiness and be joyful in each other's company. We always look forward to this day eagerly and this year is no different. We all had a joyful day , ( though a bit hectic for a few)...

    Here is an opportunity to re-live the occasion.

    I have shared here what I could cover during the day with my camera. While I endeavoured to cover all aspects of the function, I might have missed to cover some in video due to technical constraints. So, please feel free to share with me the you tube link if you have taken video. I can include it here.


    Click the yellow colored links beow

    Set 1

    Set 2

    Set 3


    *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** 
    If you want to watch these videos on a smart TV, Please click the above link once and add to your you tube account. Then the play list will show up in your youtube account.

    Children Dance events

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    Shared by Members

    Shared by Mr.Nagarajan of Adhiyaman St.
    Rhyme by Ganesh Grand Son of Mr. Nagarajan of Adhiyaman St

    YouTube Video

    Sri. R.M.Easwaran Singing 
    ஆயர்பாடி மாளிகையில்

    YouTube Video

    Ladies Music Performance

    டும் டும் என்றே கேட்கும்

    YouTube Video

    Smt. Padmavathy Ravindran & Smt. 
     Rajalakshmi Deepak

    ஒன்றெனக் கூடிடுவோம்

    YouTube Video

    வாழ்த்தினைச் சொல்வோமடி

    YouTube Video

    Group Songs

    நாங்க புதுசா

    YouTube Video

    நம் கரம் ஒன்றிணைந்தால்

    YouTube Video

    வாராய் என் தோழி வாராயோ 
    ( இளைஞர் வாழ்த்து  )

    YouTube Video

    Aththi Varadhar

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** 
    If you want to watch these videos on a smart TV, Please click the above link once and add to your you tube account. Then the play list will show up in your youtube account.


     of SONGS Performed 
    with Lyrics

    Click the yellow colored links beow

    Smt. Padmavathy Ravindran & Smt. Rajalakshmi

    Group Songs

    Posted Sep 10, 2019, 11:43 PM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • Independence day 2019 at CMWA

    It is a great fortune to have been born in Bharat. To be able to declare that you are a Bharatiya is a matter of great luck. You must be worthy of this boon given to you. Under no circumstance should anyone criticize their Motherland. Under no circumstance must one criticise the Motherland. Even in the dreams one should not think of forgetting or disowning one's Motherland. That is true gratitude. What is the use of taking birth as a human, if one lacks a sense of gratitude? The one without gratitude is a wicked person. In the hymns that pertain to the worship of the Sun God, it is said that the Sun God may forgive any sin but not ingratitude. Hence one should never fail to be grateful, and never give anyone the opportunity to accuse one of being ungrateful. One must endeavor to enhance the glory of Bharatiya culture. One’s mother and motherland are greater than the very heaven. 
    We at CMWA is fully aware of the above and it is the tradition of the CMWA from the day of its inception to remember and pay our gratitude by celebrating  the independence day of our great nation with great Respect and Reverence.

    Re-live the event through the photo tour..

    Posted Aug 14, 2019, 9:00 PM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • Roadside Rain water Harvesting by Youth wing of CMWA

    With depleting water table everywhere, it is very essential to harvest the rain water effectively. While, there are houses with RWH points, the Youth Wing of CMWA has gone beyond this boundary and embarked on a project to harvest the rainwater falling on road side.  Though, the pilot is being done now, the ground work by the Youth Wing commenced almost a year before. There had been enthusiastic planning and active effort by them all along that has culminated into the below cited Pilot.. 

    Kudos to the Youth Wing...  They have arrived ... to take over from the aging Seniors...!
    We can now heave a  sigh of relief that our Nagar will be in able and energetic hands ... !

    (PHOTOs courtesy S.Kannan)

    News Item Submitted by CMWA and Published in Down Town

    (Submitted by LS)

    More such RWH points  to come in future .. 

    Posted Jul 31, 2019, 6:07 AM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • International Yoga day at our Association - 21-Jun-2019
    A special Yoga session was organized by CMWA to commemorate the International Yoga day on 21-Jun-2019.Yogasana Specialists   Sri.R.Raghavan and Sri.D.Anand were invited to show a demonstration of yogasanas.

    (Photos shared by Mr.L.Sundararaman)

    Posted Jun 20, 2019, 9:58 PM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • SPORTS DAY 2019
    Sports day is celebrated with usual participation and enthusiasm this year too today (3-Feb-2019)  ... Memoirs of the event captured for you ...



    YouTube Video

    Entertainment by Our Nagar Michael Jackson Master Sathya Narayana during the Morning Event ..

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video


    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    Posted Feb 3, 2019, 8:42 PM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • Kolam Competition 27-Jan-2019


    Kolam Competition for the members of our association was held on 27-Jan-2019 at our Nagar.  A number of enthusiastic participants and onlookers marked the occasion and added to the festivity.  
    Smt. Vijayakumari Sekar and Smt. Kalaiselvi.B formed the panel of Judges to select the prize winning Kolams.

    The winners are,

    Posted Jan 27, 2019, 7:44 PM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • Republic day 2019 & Free Dental Camp

    YouTube Video

    Republic day was celebrated as usual at our Association with many members participating in the event. Sri.V.R.Lakshminarasimhan, a senior citizen of our nagar was the special guest of honour.

    A free dental camp was arranged by the Association in cooperation with MSR.Dentistry. Dr.C.Vivekpandian and his team carried out the dental check. Click here for PHOTOS

    Posted Jan 26, 2019, 7:24 AM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • Garbage Management

    Garbage Management is a challenge to our Nagar for quite a while now and our Association has been doing its part in resolution of this issue for a long time.  

    Towards mitigating the dumping of garbage on the streets,the CMWA has erected Sign boards with appropriate appeal text and pictures on them to create awareness. 

    These hoardings are placed in the following streets at vantage points where garbage is being dumped.

    Venue : 
    1.Vishwamitrar Street
    2. Muthulakshmi Street entrance 
    3.kasthurbha  Street corner 

    In addition to this , Our Association joined hands with Chitlapakkam Town Panchayat and Hand in Hand in the House hold waste and Garbage management Awareness campaign on 6 Jan 2019.
    Campign comprised of talk and appraisal by Executive officer of Chitlapakkam Town Panchayath and representative from Hand on Gargabe Management .
    There was also a door to door visit to some of the streets to distribute pamphlets of Chitlapakkam Town Panchayath describing garbage management aspects.

    A set of members who gathered on the occasion also took a pledge , emphasizing their commitment in maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings and  streets.
    Association also reiterated issues in collection of Garbage to the authorities and sought a lasting solution.

    Posted Jan 9, 2019, 1:37 AM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
  • Annual General Body Meeting 2018
    This year's AGM was conducted on 23-Dec-2018. With the term of previous team of office bearers coming to an end , new office bearers were elected.

    The team of office bearers for 2019-20 - > Please click here

    Congratulations and best wishes to the team taking charge.

    While we thank &  welcome the new office bearers on this special day, its also our duty to recognize the effort of the team that was in office over the past two years with a big thank-you . As the tradition of our association and that of the outgoing office bearers go , I am sure they will continue to render their service , Support and Guidance.

    In context of the new team taking over, it will not be out of place , in fact , is imperative that we revisit our Guiding Principles  and refresh ourselves.

    Posted Dec 31, 2018, 2:42 AM by CMWA Chitlapakkam
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