Our Retiring Musical Team

Bob Jones and Sarah Gale

After 37 years in the role of Choir Conductor it was with great regret that Choir Members heard that Bob had decided to retire from the Choir. Bob  and the committee had been looking out for a new Musical Director for a couple of years and it was finally decided to take the 'bull by the horns' and advertise.

There will be many happy and enjoyable memories from  the choir practices which were always with good humour and patience particularly when learning new songs.

Also over the years there must have been more than 600 Concerts. By far the majority of the Concerts were Fund Raisers for local and national Charities, Church Funds and other local organisations.

There was also a number of twinning exchange visits with the La Fleche Choir, a visit to Cardiff Arms Park to sing with the World Choir, and weekend visits to Cornwall with concerts and return visits to Chippenham.

Also in September it was again with much regret by Choir Members that, after 19 years in the role, Choir Accompanist Sarah Gale had decided that that she would like to finish as accompanist due to other commitments in her life.

Bob is an extremely accomplished woodwind player, seen here playing with the '4+1' jazz group at a choir social event.

He was  involved in many musical areas over his life, including choral work with Swindon Music Society, opera – including many solo parts with Bath Opera Group - together with dance band, jazz band, pit orchestras and concert instrumental solo work on a frequent basis. He also made numerous choral arrangements for the choir.

Sarah was born and educated in Chippenham. She is Bob's daughter so it is unsurprising that from an early age, music played a significant role in her life!  Many evenings were spent listening to instrumental and choral rehearsals downstairs or musical arrangements being made for different musical groups. She began learning the piano at the age of six.
A qualified teacher, she continues to use her musical skills. She began accompanying Chippenham Male Voice Choir in September 1998, and after 19 years she would like to devote more time to her family. 

Members of the choir wish both Bob and Sarah 'All the Best' for whatever they chose to do in the future.