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Choir Parts for Home Practice

This page contains links so members can hear the various choir parts of some of our repertoire so they can practice them at home,

I am deeply indebted to the webmasters of the Cotswold Male Voice Choir (http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/) and the Radcliffe on Trent Male Voice Choir (http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/) for giving their permission to direct CMVC members to their practice tracks. 
Please also take the time to have a look at their websites; they have certainly given me something to aspire to!

To get to the part you need to practice,  find the appropriate 'CMVC item'  (we do not have practice parts for all items in our repertoire), click on the 'Rehearsal Location' and you will be directed to a page holding the part, find the item and the part you want (e.g., T2),click on it and off you go.

Where an item could be found under more than one heading (eg., is 'A Roman War Song' under 'A' or 'Roman'?) I've indicated in emboldened type.
It seems that some of the items on the Cotswold site do not have all parts available (e.g., 'T2 only'). Please read the 'Learning Notes' on the Cotswold Page.

I have checked many of the parts to make sure they are the same as our sheet music but cannot make guarantees, so please let me know of any anomalies.

I'm sure there are still many improvements to be made. Please let me have your comments!



CMVC Item Link to CMVC Music Parts

A Cole Porter Medley (T2 only) http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
A Roman War Song http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
All in the April Evening http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
All Through the Night  (2nd Tenor only) http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
An American Trilogyhttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
An Evening’s Pastoralehttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Aura Leehttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Beatles for Male Voices (Beatles for Choirs)http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Bohemian Rhapsody http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
Cwm Rhondda http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
Deus Salutis http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Do you hear the People Sing http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
Joy to the World http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
Morte Christi (When I Survey the Wondrous Cross)http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Nessun Dorma http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
Priests’ Chorus http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Rhythm of Lifehttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Softly as I Leave Youhttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Some Enchanted Eveninghttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Sussex Carol http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Sweet Georgia Brownhttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
The Admiral's Broom


The Rose (arr Humphreys)http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
The Song of the Jolly Rogerhttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
There is Nothing Like a Damehttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Thou Must Leave thy Humble Dwelling (Shepherds’ Farewell) L’Adieu des Bergers http://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
When the Saints come Marching inhttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/
Winter Wonderland http://www.cotswoldmvc.org/html/our_music.html
You Raise Me Uphttp://www.radcliffeontrentmvc.org/practice-tracks-1/