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CMVC Musical Team

Bob Jones - Conductor,

Bob is an extremely accomplished woodwind player, playing with the '4+1' jazz group at a choir social event.



Born and educated in Swindon, Bob Jones has keenly followed music in its many forms nearly all his life. From being a chorister and learning to play the piano in his early days, he progressed to the clarinet and achieved the level of being short-listed in London for the National Youth Orchestra whilst in his latter teens. During this time, he was mainly performing classical music but his underlying passion for swing, dance and jazz music soon came to the fore. He played in several small groups and local orchestras before leaving Swindon to study engineering at Nottingham University.

At Nottingham, he joined the University Jazz Orchestra that participated successfully in National competitions and supported groups playing for many local functions. He also sang in the University Choir at the time of the music professor Ivor Keys!

By this time he had added the saxophones to his repertoire.

On his return from university, his musical interests gained expression in many diverse ways – choral work with Swindon Music Society, opera – including many solo parts with Bath Opera Group - together with dance band, jazz band, pit orchestras and concert instrumental solo work on a frequent basis. He is the Conductor of the Chippenham Male Voice Choir, a position he has held for over twenty five years. The Choir, some fifty strong, performs around twenty-five concerts each year mainly for charity but also is a regular visitor to Cornwall and further afield such as France. He also does some arranging work.

Having retired early from a successful career in Industry, he now devotes most of his spare time to music. He teaches for the single reed instruments and is a frequent performer around the locality, where he is well known for his playing with the ‘4+1 Jazz Band’ and at many other jazz gigs across the South-West.

Sarah Gale - Accompanist and Deputy Conductor.

Sarah was born and educated in Chippenham. From an early age, music played a significant role in her life with particular influences from her father (the current CMVC conductor) and his mother, both accomplished musicians. Many evenings were spent listening to instrumental and choral rehearsals downstairs or musical arrangements being made for different musical groups!
At the age of six, Sarah began piano lessons and after a few years began receiving lessons from Sylvia Stables, the well known local musician. Throughout her childhood she belonged to choirs at school and church. She studied music at school, enjoying a wide range of different musical genres until leaving to attend college in Cheltenham.

At Cheltenham, Sarah trained to be a primary school teacher. Although not her main subject choice, she continued to use her musical skills in various primary schools visited for training purposes, and also belonged to the college choir.

Having qualified as a teacher she began her career in Swindon, gaining much satisfaction from running a school choir and orchestra, and also from her involvement in various concerts and productions. Due to family commitments, she now works part-time in a primary school in Chippenham.

Sarah began accompanying the Chippenham Male Voice Choir in September 1998 and continues to very much enjoy Monday evening rehearsals!