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Membership Details

We are looking for potential new members to welcome to our ranks - particularly TENOR voices.

So, please come and join us!!

Membership of the Chippenham Male Voice Choir currently costs £40.00 per annum. All music is provided. There is no formal audition but potential members are expected to have an interest in singing well, and will be offered a private session with the Musical Director to determine which section of the choir (Bass, Baritone, 1st or 2nd Tenor) it would be appropriate for them to join.

There is no age limit and men of all ages are welcome.

The choir has a performance uniform of - 
    -  White shirts * plus black trousers and shoes, and a maroon tie *
    -  For less formal occasions blue polo shirts *, black trousers and shoes.

Prospective members should telephone -
  • Conductor, Howard Topper - Tel : 07864 045289 
  • Secretary, Henry Miles        - Tel : 01249 750865
  • or turn up at a Monday Rehearsal (click on Rehearsal Details )
[ * these items are provided by the choir ]