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Peter Jory

Second tenor Pete has been with the choir for nearly 25 years. He is shown below with his wife Janet.

Pete was born in the small village of Millpool which is five miles from Bodmin, Cornwall.

At the young age of three, Pete was moved from Millpool into Bodmin - where he attended the Bodmin VP School, eventually becoming Head Boy. In 1962 he moved on to Fowey and married in the same year. His first wife tragically died in a car accident, and Pete was left with the responsibility of bringing up their three children.

Much later, he met Janet when she was visiting Cornwall, and in 1983 they decided to marry and settle in her part of the country - Melksham, Wiltshire - with two of her three children. They now have nine grandchildren and two great grandsons.

On a personal note, Pete would like to thank all those family members and friends who surprised him on the occasion of his 60th birthday. It made a day for him to remember for the rest of his life.

Pete has always been a singer, and has been a member of the following musical groups:
- St Peter's Church Choir, Bodmin
- Bodmin Choral Society
- Fowey Male Voice Choir
- Eastern Area Male Voice Choir (Kernow/Cornwall)

He has also enjoyed singing in some very well known venues. He has sung many times at public concerts in the Royal Albert Hall, for example for performances of Messiah, and he was there to participate in the performance of 1,000 Voices from Cornwall. As part of a tour conducted by the Eastern Area MVC he sang in Coventry Cathedral. He has also sung many times in Truro Cathedral.

For our older readers, you may remember years ago hearing a BBC radio programme entitled "The Wilfred Pickles Show". Well, Pete sang with the Fowey MVC for a recording of that show when it visited his area!

Pete joined CMVC in 1985 shortly after moving into the area from Cornwall. He was keen to continue singing with a male voice choir. An advertisement for a CMVC concert at the Neeld Hall caught his eye, he went along to it, and was persuaded to join. (He also says it was the only male voice choir he could find at the time - what good luck for our choir!)

Both he and Janet help at their local youth club - Bower Hill, Melksham where Janet is the Treasurer. He has always been interested in sports, and has played cricket and football. However, Janet has found him a new interest: restoring a circa 1700 house as their new home, and they hope to move into it in the next few months.

Pete's main musical interests are classical music, choirs, and brass bands.

And finally, as a "Cousin Jack" he is proud of his roots and enjoys singing "Hail To The Home Land" - which as we all know is a reference to his beloved "Kernow".