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Peter Field

It must be about 27 years ago (circa 1981) that I decided to join the CMVC. Up until then my away-from-work activity had been with the Scout movement. My work began to make it increasingly difficult to be sure of being in the right place at the right time (i.e. every Wednesday at 7:30pm and every Friday at 8:00pm) - due to the amount of travelling involved. I had a chat with Bob and he agreed to put with me as and when I could make it.
The choir was much smaller then comprising about 20-25 singers, with the likes of Clem Vowden, Peter Hunt, the West's and dear old Harold very much to the fore. There was a barbers shop group that varied in number from about 4 to about 7 on occasions (a bit like 4 Plus ?).

A man called Charles Howell used to perform the odd poem or some prose to fill in the breaks. When he left to join his daughter in South Africa, I was stupid enough to tell Bob that I had been known to recite Stanley Holloway's 'Brown Boots' if pushed. The rest as they say is history.

I quickly found that you needed more than one monologue to survive, and since then I have come to rely on all sorts of people for material. In recent years David Prowse and Pam Ayres have been very helpful. A quick count suggests that I have performed about 20 different tales. I only do comedy (well, it's supposed to be funny) and the choir have always been very supportive by laughing - mostly in the right places!