Beware, our viral videos are hilarious!

What is a viral video?
  • A viral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing on social media.

Why viral videos are important?
  • Simply because of their million or billion of views. How many of them have you seen?
 Gangnam Style Charlie bite me Evolution of Dance
 Omaba yes we can The Sneezing Baby Panda Missing MH370 pilot
  • Social validity: they have been having a profound impact on many aspects of society, such as politics and financial marketing.
About CMU Viral Videos?
  • By far the largest public viral video dataset collected at Carnegie Mellon University. [download]
  • Videos are manually selected by experts including editors from YouTube, Time Magazine, etc.
  • The following information is provided for each video. 
How to design a viral video?
  • Well, there is no single answer, but you may find this page instrumental.

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