Use Cases

STINGRAIS is a system that can search for, detect and track a submarine using collaborative autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) operating in a reduced bandwidth environment.

To fulfill this objective, the system will be composed of a searching AUV, whose mission is to search for and detect the submarine; a tracking AUV, whose function is to track the submarine while it travels through the surveillance area; and finally a user interface, which will continuously show the position of the submarine, while it is being tracked by the system.

STINGRAIS Conceptual Design

A demonstration of the proof-of-concept of STINGRAIS will be given in CMU's University Center swimming pool, and it shall be conducted in two phases, searching and tracking.

The objective of the demo is to prevent the submarine from reaching the touchdown zone without detection.

Phase 1  : Searching

Two AUVs will be looking for intrusions in the patrolling zone, and do so collaboratively. 

Phase 1: Searching

Phase 2 : Tracking

One AUV will be in the detection zone, and the other will be in the tracking zone. Once a submarine is detected, the detecting AUV will inform the tracking AUV of the submarine's estimated trajectory, and the tracking AUV will move to intercept the submarine. If it finds the submarine, it starts tracking it. 

Phase 2 : Tracking