How Do I Participate?

I’m glad you asked! There are many ways to send us sleep data. You can choose whichever one works for you. 

Option 1. Report Hours Using the CMU Sleeps App

          Step 1: Install the app, CMU Sleeps, from an app store.

Step 2: Open up the app when you are ready to sleep and click the “Sleep” button. The first time you do this you'll be asked to register with your email. This email name will be used to index your sleep records. Thereafter, you will be presented with a canned email message, ready to send. Just send it.

Step 3: After you wake up open the app and "Wake" button on the app.

Step 4: To report retiring or waking sometime after the fact, click the Report button and fill in the details.

How to Edit Your Spreadsheet 
(Thanks to Afshaan Mazagonwalla for suggesting this feature.)

Each week users are sent spreadsheets with their personal data like the one shown below: 

You can add, delete, or edit any cells in the lines with Sleep/Wake and the date-times under them. The chart and averages will change.

Option 2. Set Up Your FitBit to Report Automatically

You can make reporting effortless by asking your FitBit to track your sleep and sending us your FitBit user name and password. There is an CMS Sleeps app button, Register FitBit, that you can use to send them; or just send an email to We'll download our records frequently and send you reports weekly. We promise not to mess with your FitBit account. (Remember to keep your phone's Bluetooth on.)

Option 3. Report Weekly Hours Using Daily Fitness and Sleep Apps
CMU Sleeps is able to process data from a variety of apps. If you prefer to use other apps to track your sleep data you can export the data from those apps and send it to us. Here are some other ways you can participate.

Apple Health
iPhones come with a health app that tries to track your sleep automatically. You can help it along by using the iPhone's alarm clock or linking it with one of the third-party sleep trackers described below. Here are the instructions for exporting all your health data. Just attach the zip file it produces to an email sent to

SleepCycle is a free phone app that measures your nightly sleep quality. You place your phone on your mattress and it measures movement and sound to produce a graph of the depth of your sleep, hour-by-hour. Its alarm avoids waking you from deep sleep. You can use its record to fill out the form above. But you can also send a download from it.

Step 1: Once you are ready to send your data, click the gear wheel in the app.

Step 2: Then select Advanced>Database>Export database.

Step 3: You will be prompted for an email address; use

If your version of SleepCycle doesn't offer the export feature you need to sign up for SleepCycle's premium service ($1.99/mo) to use its backup system and then enable syncing with SleepSecure (accessed by gear wheel). To download:

  1. Open the web page

  2. Click Export Data>Sleep Data, which will download a file,, to your computer.

  3. Unzip the file (Double-clicking the filename should do it.) to produce data_json.txt.

  4. Send an email with the file attached to


SleepBot is another free phone app that measures your nightly sleep quality and has a smart alarm. To send its records, click the notebook icon to see a table sleep/wake time; then click the share icon at the bottom, then "Share" and an email app. You will be prompted for an email address; use

You can just look at your FitBit information and fill out the form above. But you can also send a download.
  1. Allow your FitBit to track your sleep. Use the Normal setting which is the default.
  2. Periodically, e.g. every Sunday, login at from a computer  (You can't do this from the FitBit phone app.) and download a .csv file of your sleep data. using the following steps:
    1. Log into your dashboard and click the gear icon in the upper right.
    2. Click Settings > Data Export.
    3. Choose a time window, check the "Sleep" box, Select CSV, and click "Download. It should look like this: 
3. Send an email to with the .csv file attached.

N.B. Since the FitBit download shows only the total minutes slept, we will assume you woke up at 8:00 AM each morning in order to make our analysis work. Also, be aware that FitBits seem to be conservative about recording sleep times; it might believe you are a awake when you believe you're sleeping. You can inform your FitBit you're going to sleep by taping it for a few seconds. You can always report events the FitBit missed by using the app or other methods.

Sleep as AndroidTM (Courtesy of Alexander Frazier)
This app has some nice features other don't.
Step 1. Settings → Backup → export data (this will export a csv to your local storage)
Step 2. Use a file system manager on your phone to go to the directory My Files/Device Storage/sleep-data
Step 3. From here you can share the csv file through email directly to or upload it to dropbox or google drive and then edit/email it from there. 

Getting Texts
If you prefer to receive reports and other information by text, register with your cellphone number rather than your normal email using the appropriate carrier's email url: e.g.
<your number> for AT&T
<your number> for Verizon
<your number> for TMobile
<your number> for Boost