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Collaborative Underwater Robots

Team Seawolf

2011-2012 MRSD Design Project



This page contains a library of photographs and video associated with the project.


Color Detection: Demonstrating our ability to process images we receive over a wireless link. 

Printed Circuit Board Design: This custom board will provide power to all of our components. 

Thruster Test: Colton and Adam testing the output force of the first thruster. The current setup produces 1.5 lbs of thrust. 

 More thruster tests.
Our thruster in action!
Our thruster creating a small whirlpool. 

Our power distribution board (minus fuses). 

Tubbot: This boat-like robot will serve as a test platform for a number of systems expected to be on the underwater robots next semester. 

In an emergency, Colton doubles as a reference object to test our field of view:

(Raw images on left, color corrected images on right)
Colton in the 12.5' deep section of the pool.  Field of view is about 8' by 8'

Colton in the transition part of the pool (~8' deep). Field of view is about 4' x 4'

Colton in the 3.5' deep section of the pool. Field of view is ~2.5' x 2.5'

Better than a minivan.
The Team Seawolf Rapid Matériel Transport System in action! The PVC pipe will be used to build the body of our robot. 

The hull of our robot. The frame around the robot offers protections and mounting points for motors, weights, and ballasts. 

Our electronics have been mounted and fit snugly in the hull. 

Our waterproofed ultrasonic sensor. We can accurately measure distances up to 12' underwater. We hope to make some improvements and increase that number in the coming weeks. 

Our underwater robot preparing to dive. 

First views from the robot! The camera is a little tilted, but you can see what the robot is seeing. The target in the frame is a 2' long section of 6" Diameter PVC Pipe. To test how colors fade in water, half of the target is green and half of the target is yellow. 

The first results of our target detection algorithm are shown above. The red areas are the parts of the vision target that were detected. Because the algorithm is looking for certain colors, it ignores the white stripe in the middle of the vision target. 

Team Seawolf proudly presents: Tubbot!

Our first test of our new underwater vehicle! Stay tuned for more footage. (sorry about the poor quality). 

Project Seawolf Teleoperation Demo

Here's a better video of our robot moving.