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Collaborative Underwater Robots

Team Seawolf

2011-2012 MRSD Design Project




Hi, we're Team Seawolf, and this is our website. Its purpose is to provide a centralized and up-to-date location for all information related to our Underwater Collaboration Project. The contents of the web site will change frequently during the semester so check back often.


Meet The Team:


Colton Hamm: Electrical Engineering

Adam Komoroski: Mechanical Engineering + Software
Geoff Viola: Software Engineering

Project Blog

The following table contains News Items of important information as they occur. They will be posted sporadically. 



Sep 2011 Project Selected
Sep 2011 Initial Concept Developed
Oct 2011 Design Updated
Oct 2011 We have successfully read images from a network camera over a wireless network. 
11/9/11 We have completed a thruster test stand. Our current thruster produces 1.5 lbs of thrust, but we expect better performance with a larger prop. 
11/12/11 Our website is online! Check back often for updates. 
11/21/11 We have successfully communicated with a microprocessor wirelessly. This is a big step towards controlling our underwater robot.  We also have our accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers outputting data. We are well on our way to building robots!
12/1/11 We have a robot! Our tub-based robot will provide us with a platform to test our propulsion and control subsystems. Pictures and videos of the robot should be up in a couple of days.
12/5/11 We successfully demonstrated Tubbot. It can move in a straight line, turn in place, follow a colored object, and be driven from a laptop on shore.
12/12/11 We now have a whole new section dedicated to Tubbot. Check it out!
1/30/12 We're back! After a relaxing Christmas vacation we're ready to build some robots! Head on over to our photos page to see the robot body and electronics. We're close to having our first working underwater robot. 
2/16/12 It's been an exciting week. We had our first pool test of our new underwater vehicle and we got a distance sensor to work underwater. Things are really starting to come together!
3/1/12 Since the last update we've added weights to the robot, making it neutrally buoyant. We've also added motors that allow us to dive and surface. Finally, we've successfully controlled the robot underwater at a depth of 12 feet. 
4/5/12 We've been busy testing our robot. We finally have our camera onboard. Stop by the photos page to see some robots-eye views of the pool. We've also implemented a target detection algorithm and are working on getting our other sensors working. We're also building a new, better looking robot!  
5/1/12 We finished our final demo. We showed our robot locating and diving to the pipe, as well as teleoperation of the second robot.  
5/12/12 We have submitted our final report, and gave the website one last update. This is Team Seawolf, Signing off.