CMU Lead Project Staff

Janis Voege, PhD co-Principal Investigator Science Mathematics and Technology Center, CMU

Dr. Janis Voege, Director of SMTC and co-PI of the proposed RET Site, will be project manager related to all non-subject-matter and non-research responsibilities. Dr. Voege will organize classroom visits, establish the series of workshops and seminars, actively recruit teacher participants, explicitly schedule media events, and construct communications channels among participants and the collaborating CMU organizations. Dr. Voege’s office will establish a system for personnel transactions, payroll and all other budget considerations. The overall function of SMTC is to remove roadblocks and distractions so participants can concentrate fully on their research and curriculum development functions.

Robert Ruhf, PhD and Mary Anne Sydlik, PhD Science and Mathematics Program Improvement, WMU

SAMPI will develop the evaluation plan, instruct other project participants in its goals and implementation, and analyze the results of the evaluation strategies. The evaluation plan will include pre- and post-measures, on-site observations, digital reflection/journaling and other appropriate means of judging whether/to what extent project objectives are met.

Polly Pritchard and Andrea Abke Center for Excellence in Education, CMU

CEIE will be responsible for all aspects of professional development relative to in- and pre-service teachers, faculty, and engineering students. During the summer work, CEIE will coach teachers as they plan curriculum appropriate for their classes; and during the academic year, CEIE coaches will support teachers on the teachers’ home turf.