CMU Mechatronics 2016 Project Team E.

Welcome to Trash-E!


With the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the steady rise in global population, the materials and products that we create, consume, and discard has risen drastically. Part of the waste we generate is recyclable, and can either be recovered for future use or used as combustive fuel for energy production.

The EPA, however, has shown that even in the USA, our resolve to recycle is not keeping up with our ever-rising production of recyclable waste. There are many reasons behind these statistics, and while there have been many technological advances in the previous decades to increase the scope and efficiency of recycling, consumers themselves are often inefficient recyclers.

 The goal of this project is to create a trash receptacle that can detect, classify, and sort items of trash into two recyclable and non-recyclable bins. Our system will use a suite of sensors to feed information about each item to a decision-making algorithm, at which point the trash will be deposited in its corresponding bin.