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Kermit Lind Resigns From Clinical Practice At The UDLC

posted Feb 3, 2011, 2:47 PM by Kermit Lind   [ updated Feb 3, 2011, 3:05 PM ]
This announcement was made today by Clinical Professor Kermit Lind:

The time has come to announce my resignation as a Clinical Professor at Cleveland-Marshall.  I am looking forward to continuing my professional life elsewhere without the day-to-day responsibilities of managing a law practice. 

The sixteen years here in what is now the Urban Development Law Clinic and the Law and Public Policy Clinic have been very fulfilling.  This is the best job of my life.  I am able to look with satisfaction on the growth of the Clinic both in size and significance.  My years here were enriched by ushering students into the practice of their profession, by meeting some of the legal challenges of Cleveland’s community development organizations and by the affirmation of my work by many of my law faculty colleagues.  I will especially miss my clinical colleagues, staff and students. 

I am looking forward to a new chapter in my professional life -- one in which I hope to consult as special counsel where my experience and expertise may be useful, to work on some research and writing projects I have in mind, and to engage in short-term teaching and training.  Meanwhile, I will continue in the Clinic until the end of this coming June.