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OMSI Links:

Link: Moneyville

  • Lemonade Stand
    • Set up a lemonade stand & work to make a profit
  • Life & Economics
    • You are living on your own, can you survive financially?

Link: Animation

  • Keyboard Cartoons
  • Make a Flipbook
  • Squash & Stretch

Link: Everyone Eats

  • Hunger Signals
  • Advertising Detectives

Link: Robot Obstacle Course

·         Try to navigate the robot through the course – takes some logical thinking skills

Link: Gallery of Communications

·         Explore the way people have communicated through the ages

Link: Password Security Agency

·         Learn how to choose an ultra secure password & gain security clearance into the Password Security Agency

Link: Hanford at the Half-Life Radiation Calculator

·                                 Estimate your annual radiation dose

Link: USS Blueback Virtual Tour

·         Explore the US Navy’s last non-nuclear, fast attach submarine

Also, at the bottom of the OMSI page linked above are 3 cameras you can check out!

·         Infrared cam

·         Rat cam

·         Bridge cam