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Advanced Computer Projects

Radio Commercial Project

Step 1: Create Folder
Create a folder in your server folder
    name -->Radio Commercial

Step 2: Get Music
Get a song from the following website:
    (right click the download button & save target as)
Step 3: Locate Sound Effects

  • you need the following three required sound effects
    • cash register/money
    • record scratch
    • phone dialing
  • here are links to help you find these sound effects (do not search for sound effect sites - use one of these - all the listed sound effects can be found you need to figure out how to find them)
  • you may choose to add more sound effects later after you record the script
Step 4: Record your Narration
  • Follow the script
  • You can adlib, but you must use everything from the script
  • you will be graded on the clarity and how convincing your voice is
Step 5: Organize
  • Put all your files in order
  • be sure to adjust volumes so everything goes together seamlessly
  • drop in your sound effects so that they are in the correct place
  • be sure your music is not too loud
Step 6: Add Effects
  • highlight sound clips and use the effect menu as needed to achieve the desired special effects
  • also be sure music fades in and out so that it doesn't sound odd

Step 7: Test. Export & Submit
  • when you are satisfied with your work, test it & export it as an .WAV file
  • submit it to Google Classroom
Class Information:

  • Course Syllabus & Classroom Expectations
  • Edmodo class Code
    • urp4hr
  • Typing every Tuesday & Thursday - lessons for proficiency