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Music Mashup

DJ Earworm - ideas to get you thinking

Student Examples:

Copyright Assignments:

Abuse Use or Acceptable Use

 Copyright Discussion Questions

Watch the video mashup 'Titanic: Two the Surface (Sequel)

Assignment after watching the video:
  1. open a BLANK microsoft word document
  2. Title at top of page = Mashup Thoughts: MW Quiz(yourname)
  3. Save As (to your server folder)
    • Computers--->Mashup Thoughts: MW Quiz
  4. Type up a minimum of TWO (2) paragraph paper about how mashups are dealt with in the area of copyright. (do this by answering the following questions:
    1. Are they okay, are they not okay
    2. what are some of the 'grey' areas that artists face when using mashups
    3. what do you think of mashups? why?
    4. **the most important thing is saving to your server folder correctly so you get the credit for your work!