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7th Grade Social Studies

Current Events

Medieval Times:

    Family Crest Help

Asia Research

U.S. Department of State

  • learn about your countries relationship with the United States


  • this will help you learn about the items that are imported into your country from the U.S.
  • good site for learning more about the exports from your country

United States Geological Survey Site

  • locate information about the minerals exported from your country

Office of the United States Trade Representative

*good place to find information about your imports & exports

Geography World

Browse the World at Mr.Dowling.com

Encyclopedia of World History


Computer Class Country Project (we will work on this project in January)

    Remembering 911

    Continents & Oceans Test

           Oceans & Seas: fact monster

    Ocean & Continents practice quiz

    Mountain Ranges quiz

    Continent Facts: click to learn about each continent


            Map Games

    coming soon! Sheppard software: 4 different levels, starting with a tutorial

    World Languages


    Translate & Speak

     Australian Animal Research Links

    Unique Australian Animals

    Australian Wildlife Sanctuary  

    Australian Mammals

    Australia Zoo

    Perth Zoo - Western Australia 

    Taronga Zoo

    Thinkquest: Australian Animals

    Australian Animals Printouts

    Virtual Australia

    Australian Animals Page

    Australian Animals

    Australian Fauna  

    Citation Maker

    Link here


    Latitude & Longitude Help

     Find Your Longitude 


    Look Up Latitude & Longitude 

    Quia Quiz - latitude & longitude 

    Information about latitude & longitude 



    Greece, Rome, Italy & France Links



    Atlas & Geographical Terms

            Quia This quiz will determine whether you can use latitude and longitude properly to find                                         absolute locations on the earth

                Maps & Globes


    Map Websites - various sites posted 


    Statetris - USA - a tetris like game where you put states in their right places