About Mrs. Shell

You see me each day, you hear me each day, here's just a little bit about me.

So...here's some basic info:


Born: Port Washington, Wisconsin 

Siblings: 2 brothers - Craig & Tim

Married: to Rob for 21 years

Children: 2 - Garrett - age 19; Madison - age 15

Teaching career: 26 years (21 years at Central, 1 year at the Oregon Coast, 4 years in Port Washington Wisconsin) - first science, now technology

Favorite sports (to watch): NFL Football - Go Packers! College Baseball - Oregon State

11 random things about me....


1.   I very rarely go anywhere without my camera


2.   During the spring & summer, I spend more time at a baseball or softball field that I do at my own home.

3.  I've seen Jimmy Buffett in concert 11 times..& plan on more

4.  If I could, I would wear a baseball hat or beanie hat everyday

5.  I get lost....all the time


6.  I love to run, but I'm really slow, so I just say I'm "half-fast"...it sounds so much better

7.  I love sleeping in a tent - just not when it is set up on rocks

8.  I would rather exercise than work in my yard ~ to be honest spray on grass and fake plants would work for me

9.  I am a bowhunter...and I'm pretty good 

10. I am a night owl & stay up way too late most nights

11. I don't like to go shopping.