Monday June 12, 2017 

Last day!

  • Make sure you google drive is cleaned up & your documents folder is transferred to your google drive
  • then free time

check out your classmates poem projects
**let me know if you do not see yours on this page**

Quizlet: join class codes

4th Period:

6th Period:

7th Period:

If your test score is:
  • 12 and below wpm 
    • Beginner --> Beginner Review 1
  • 13 wpm to 18 wpm
    • Intermediate--> Common English Word
  • 19 wpm to 25 wpm
    • Intermediate --> Sentences
  • 26 wpm to 30 wpm
    • Intermediate --> Paragraphs
  • Above 30 wpm 
    • Advanced --> Skill Builder Drills

8th Grade:

Shared Pictures

(click on the shared pictures folder to view the school photos)

Shocking Fact: 

In 2013, the number of people in the world estimated to have cell phones was 6 billion (out of the 7 billion total worldwide population). This exceeded the number of people who had running toilets (4.5 billion) Does this suprise you? Do you think this is accurate or exaggerated?