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 OK, so he's not a Great Dane, but he's CUTE! ;-)


This is Ike... he is our new (and final) dog! He was at Clayton County
Animal Shelter. (They put dogs to sleep using the heartstick method... OH SO CRUEL!)

Anyway, on 4-09-08 my mom and I decided to just "drop in" at the shelter... and you know what happens when a STRANZ ends up at a shelter!!! Well this beautiful baby was outside running in the yard at the shelter, and came right up to us and turned himself inside out for attention. It worked!!! When I inquired about him, they said that the Clayton County Humane Society was going  to take all 3 Shepherds that week. WHEW! At least he'd be safe!
The Humane Society is right around the corner on the way home, so we stopped in there to talk to them. We were shocked to hear they knew nothing about the Shepherds! I emailed the director of the Humane Society and the Shelter. On 4-10 I get an email from both people, and come to find out the shelter was mis-lead and he was in fact available... the other two shepherds were being reclaimed by the owner that dropped them off! But Ike was still available, so his clock was now ticking! I was so upset! Sadly I was at work and couldn't go and pick him up. So thanks to the hard work of my mom and dad, they ran back up there and adopted him for me! He is an angel!!! Housebroken, no barking, EXTREMELY
smart, and best of all... LOVES playing with Hemi!!! YEA!
Both he and Hemi were neutered on 4-12. I'll work with both Ike and Hemi to compete in Obedience and Rally.

Jason decided to name him "Ike", who is a character in the Wii game "Smash Bros Brawl".  

And since we got into a fight over me picking him up in the first place, I decided his registered name will be "CMS Our Brawling Sore Subject". ;-) If you have a dog that LOOKS pure... maybe one you've rescued from an animal shelter, a rescue organization, found as a stray or if you bought one and for some reason couldn't have the dog registered. (Be it the papers were lost, problems with getting the papers or whatever) You can still have it registered through AKC's Purebred Alternative Listing program. (PAL - previously known as the ILP or Indefinite Listing Privilege) This Program will allow you to obtain a registration number. You will have to send photos of your dog, as well as a statement from a vet showing your dog was neutered or spayed. PAL dogs cannot produce litters. The purpose of this program is to allow people to to compete in AKC santioned events with dogs whose lineage cannot be verified. While you cannot compete in Conformation since that is an event to judge breeding stock by, you can still compete and receive certifications or titles in the Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Rally, Obedience, Tracking, Field trials, Lure coursing... etc. 


 He's turning out to be a WONDERFUL boy! And of course Hemi is LOVING having a playmate! First thing in the morning you hear them running through the house and slamming into the doggie door to go out. They stay outside for most of the day just running and playing in the yard. We have to call them and MAKE them come in when we're leaving in the morning or in the evenings when we get home. If we didn't, we'd never see them! lol I think he's going to be an awesome addition! Not only for Hemi, but for the whole family!

Keep checking back on Ike and we'll let you know how his training is progressing and when you'll be able to see he and Hemi in the Rally ring!

  Ike and Hemi started training on 5-2-08... Ike took to it like a CHAMP. He is ONE SMART DOG! Hemi acts like you're not talking! HA HA HA Well we'll see how it all turns out soon. ;-)

We decided to see how big a boy Ike was and on 5-31-08 he measured 24 1/2" at the shoulder and weighed 76.4 lbs! Not bad for a young GSD!  According to breed standard fully grown Shepherds should be in the following ranges:

Height: Males 24-26 inches Females 22-24 inches
Weight: 77-85 pounds (35-40kg.)

 Whoo hoo! I have PROOF! He does sleep!!! Amazing!

Hmm, Ike's not so impressive without his Winter coat now is he? But he's an amazing dog! We are so blessed to have him in our lives!

 Think he was hot?

 With Ike's drive and willingness to please he will make a wonderful candidate for Obedience and Rally... If I can just get him to sit still long enough! lol So hopefully by next year we'll be in the competition ring!








Follow Ike in his Show Career!