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Hemi began showing in February of 2008 at 7 months old.

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Follow Hemi in his show career!

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Well Hemi began his show career on February 1st 2008, at the Atlanta Expo Center here in Georgia.

On Friday February 1st he went into the ring for the first time with his handler (and good friend) Noel of Tristino Danes. He got a 3rd place ribbon! (OK, so there were only 4 Danes in that class and one got disqualified for being too short! So technically, Hemi was last ) Hemi was SO good for Noel! He stood so perfectly, and wasn't scared at all! He might turn out to be a true show dog after all!

On Saturday February 2nd he got a 4th place ribbon! I will say I am more proud of this ribbon because there were 5 Danes in this class... he wasn't last!

On Sunday February 3rd he got another 4th place ribbon! There were 5 Danes in this class as well so again, he wasn't last! Not too shabby of a start to his show career! He didn't set the world on fire, but he didn't disappoint me either! He seems to really enjoy the show world. He wasn't nervous, he seemed to be very proud and even wagged his tail at Noel while he was in the ring! After his class he laid on his blanket outside the ring, ate his bones, played with his toys and even caught a nap with his brother Duke! lol They look totally stressed out don't they? ;-)

I know it's harder to show a Dane with natural ears, so I figured as long as Hemi is enjoying himself, we shall continue. I never want to force a dog into this environment. Nothing is sadder than to see the stressed out dogs that have their tails tucked and they are going into panic mode as they are being drug into the ring.

 His next show will be in Greenville, SC. The judges at this show are known to not like natual Fawn puppies, so really this is just practice. Plus his handler will not be at this show, and I will have to take him in the ring. Poor Hemi! lol

Well we showed in Greenville. Saturday Hemi got 1st place!! (OK so the other dog was late showing up so he was the only one in his class... but we got a blue ribbon!!! lol)


Sunday was a bad day! I woke up to find my truck window had been broken out, we were running late to the ring, so by the time we went in, I was stressed out beyond belief! They always say your dog can feel what you feel... well Hemi jumped and played etc in the ring acting like a fool. We were excused because the Judge thought he was "Lame". Oh well. At least from now on, Noel will be handling him! HA HA HA

 In Dothan, AL he got 1st place! (OK, he was the only puppy in his class! lol) And that's as far as he went. There was a GORGEOUS female puppy there that I personally think should've gotten Winners, but I don't think the judge wanted to put up a puppy! :(


 Well we went to the International show March 22nd and 23rd. They had 4 shows in 2 days. Hemi has earned his JA - Jungend Championat title! (Basically it's an International Puppy Champion title)

I was very proud of him this weekend!! While he did not behave for me like he does for Noel... he still did pretty well!
He scored SG-1 on all his critiques (highest score for a puppy). And had some really good compliments. When he is old enough we will go back for his Adult International Champion title... but that's not for another year or so. (And hopefully Noel will be handling him! HA HA HA) His next show is in Newnan on March 29th and 30th! That might be his last show for awhile until he matures and fills out a little more.

 Introducing: Int'l JA CMS If you can't Dodge it, Ram it!

 We went to the Newnan show March 29th. Hemi placed 3rd. He did a great job, but the other dogs in the ring were spectacular. Chance is about 2xs Hemi's size and "Equiss Tight Fitting Jeans" has been sweeping every show, he finished his Championship that day! So there's no shame in losing to Danes like that! Hemi did great, behaved like an angel for Noel. I've decided to pull Hemi from showing in Conformation. We will begin concentrating on his Obedience training, obtaining his CGC when he is 1 year old, and hopefully begin to compete in Rally! We'll also try for a Therapy dog title and have him Temperment tested. I am SO proud of my little guy! And I expect great things from him! Keep an eye out for him on the Obedience side!

 On April 12th 2008, Hemi was neutered. He started acting too studly for my taste, marking and getting a little more forward when meeting other dogs. So we "SNIPPED" that problem in the bud! ;-)

I was really hoping Hemi would be able to compete in Rally and Obedience. But we've since noticed that Hemi walks on a short leash. He has a wonderful, sweet, albeit "special" personality and will not be continuing in any further training. He will remain just our loving companion... Now he is AWESOME at that! ;-) Bless his heart! His brother Ike will be training to compete in the Obedience arena. Rally, Obedience, Temperment testing, Therapy Dog etc.