Welcome to CMS Great Danes and German Shepherds!

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Welcome to CMS Great Danes and German Shepherds!



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Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

To tell you a little about myself... I started out in Great Danes back in 2000 when I got my first puppy, "General Lee's Little Rebel". Rebel was my heart. I fell in love with Danes immediately! I got involved in Rescuing them and have been able to meet an array of Danes and temperments in the past 7 years. Along the way I rescued a wonderful Brindlequin Dane named "Jerrico Blue Suits Me" AKA Duke. He and Rebel got along famously. They were both on and off leash trained, attended fairs, festivals, went to State parks, off leash dog parks... anywhere that would allow them! Rebel was my first Dane, at that time I was unaware of looking for breeders who test their animals, so sadly Rebel ended up with severe Hip Dysplasia and had to be put to rest on July 10th 2006... at the tender age of 5 1/2. He was the best dog anyone could ever ask for! 

Needless to say, thanks to Rebel and Duke, I have found a love for Danes that will never change!

I often joke around that "Once a Dane owner, ALWAYS a Dane owner." I've also found, you can never own just one! lol And I've actually learned that both statements are true... at least for those people who have properly researched this breed and are prepared for the size and care these GIANT dogs require. Because let's not forget to mention the large food bill, increased vet bills, the need for Extra large everything from the car you drive, to the crate/bed the dog will require... The bigger they are, the more money in upkeep they will cost you in the long run! 

As with all breeds, this breed is NOT for everyone!

There are those people who will see a Dane out in public, see what a beautiful and commanding presence these dogs have... the crowds they attract and how calm and well behaved they are, and think "I've got to have a dog like that!" And they rush right out and pick out a puppy. They just can't wait until they are the ones holding the leash to a massive dog that draws attention where ever they go. Well then after they get this pup, they see that he eats quite a bit, he tends to be destructive without proper exercise and care... and forget EVER taking them in public if they don't get properly socialized and trained. In fact, put a leash on an untrained adult Dane, I promise you that you will NOT be the one walking the dog, instead you will be the one dragging on the ground. 

Yes, that's right... in order to have that well behaved, stunning dog you saw, it takes a lot of work and training. If you see a Dane in public, I can promise you that person holding the leash has taken time with that dog! He was not left outside and ignored! Danes are highly people oriented and require a lot of special care. Danes are NOT outdoor dogs. Trying to put a Dane outdoors is like putting a Chihuahua outdoors... They don't have the hair for it! They don't do well in very hot or very cold temperatures! They are just like you or I would be... They too need social interaction, and central heating and air! lol ;)

So what exactly happens when you bring this big baby indoors?

See that huge mouth? Oh it drools! Especially around dinner time. So if you don't like slobber slung all over the place, Don't get this breed!

See that impressive, massive size that you love so much? First take a look at that tail. If you like nick-knacks and nice lamps and pictures anywhere below 38" from the floor... Don't get this breed!   

See that short hair? Isn't that easier to keep up with than a long haired breed? Why yes! But if you don't like hair all over your house (that's right, this breed SHEDS!) then Don't get this breed!


With all that said... if you can accept that you will only get a short amount of time with your giant baby (typical life span for a Dane is 6-9 years, some can live longer... but it's rare), if you can look over the size, drool, shedding... if you can accept that this is an indoor only dog that requires training and socialization... and you are prepared to have to fight over your couch and bed. Then GREAT! You are on your way to owning this wonderful breed! When raised correctly: They are loyal, loving, easily trained, great with kids, great with other animals, and very social lap dogs! You will be getting a wonderful companion, a SAFE and natural protector, a wonderful bond, and not to mention a complete clown! These guys will have you laughing everyday, and steal your heart every minute! 

So please, do your research on this wonderful breed. Go to dog shows, meet-ups... contact people with Great Danes and ask if you can meet the dogs, interact with them... see if they will bring their Danes to your house so you can get a feel for their size and what you are really looking at. Have your kids interact with Danes, you'd be surprised how scary it is for a child to be looking eye to eye with a dog!

Please enjoy my dog's pages, I will try to include a little information about each one, and of course PICTURES! ;) Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you just want to talk about Danes!

- Christi