Slick Tracy

This week in Slick Tracy....

3/30(Frye) & 4/13 (Johnson):  This week we will meet Slick Tracy, a private detective, and his side kick Breathtest Nobeera as they encounter Niagra False - an evil villain who spreads lies about alcohol to convince kids to try it.  Niagra False tells kids they will make friends and be cooler if they drink, but Slick Tracy and Breathtest Nobeera breaks up Niagra's rapping concert and tell the truth!

4/27 (Frye) & 5/4 (Johnson):  This week, Slick Tracy and Breathtest Nobeera come across a tent where the Buy-Buy boys are trying to convince kids to drink alcohol because it will make you rich, famous, and physically fit!  We will talk about the way alcohol companies advertise to kids (even though the legal drinking age is 21!) and why it is important to read between the lines when people are trying to sell you products that aren't good for you.  

5/11 (Frye) & 5/18 (Johnson):  This week Slick Tracy and Breathtest Nobeera teach us about the three different kinds of peer pressure and what they look like.  We will discuss the number one reason why kids drink - peer pressure.  Slick and Breathtest run into Mad Magnet, another villain who is selling magnets to kids that he promises will "get kids to do things they don't really want to do."  

5/25 (Frye) & 6/1 (Johnson):  This week, Slick Tracy and Breathtest Nobeera are invited to Marty "The Party" Jones' house.  There they see quite the scene - kids who have chosen NOT to drink alcohol having a fun time while a few others who choose to drink are finding they are not getting what they wanted out of drinking.  Marty starts drinking because he thinks he'll have more fun, but ends up missing out on all the fun because he passes out.  Groan-up Gertie drinks to make herself look older, but she ends up crying because she makes some silly decisions at the party and ends up looking younger rather than older.