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This month I have been working with the 5th graders discussing the topic of safety, beginning with safety during severe weather.  The Wisconsin Emergency Management team has created a curriculum called "STEP" - Student Tools for Emergency Planning.  This program encourages students to take responsibility for helping their families prepare for severe weather in our area.
I have challenged the 5th graders to create short skits to present information on various severe weather...  I knew they would do a great job with this, I just didn't know HOW great of a job they would do!  There are GREAT ideas they are working on and I can't wait to share the final results!  
Later we will move into the topic of personal safety, which includes information about abuse and personal rights.  At this point I will be mailing home a letter to all parents so they are aware of what we are discussing.

As our 8th graders get closer and closer to high school, there are lots of things going on!  If you have not already signed up for an Individual Planning Conference with me, please do so!  These meetings are about 30 minutes and allow us to discuss your students' future goals as well as answer any questions you might have about the next four years.  

All of our 8th graders will be traveling to Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) in Rice Lake on Tuesday, March 11th to listen to a wide variety of speakers talking about their careers.  Students were able to choose what speakers they wish to hear from and will also get a tour of University of Wisconsin - Barron County College.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our school and a huge thank you to Christy Roschell and WITC Rice Lake for putting together such a great Career Day for our kids!

The past two months I have been doing classroom guidance with our 5th graders on the topics of bullying and appreciating our differences.  This group has been quite insightful and we have had some fun while also learning just how important it is to stick up for people and to appreciate what makes us all different.

With this piece, there is an overarching theme of kindness.  Years ago, when a grant was available, we did a Kindness Retreat with the 5th graders that was a really fun day filled with singing, games, and building each other up.  Everyone was all smiles, promised to be kinder to one another, and we all left feeling good about things.

But kindness starts long before 5th grade.  A friend recently sent me this article that talks about how kindness is discussed and handled at home can set the tone.  While a competitive nature isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think it is important for students to remember to cheer each other on - even when it means a loss for them.  

I have seen this kindness in the halls of Cumberland.  I have seen students noticing when another student is down.  I've had students come to me when they are concerned about a fellow classmate because they care so much.  I have seen students include others.  I have seen students be patient with one another.  I have seen so much kindness in our school - so thank you for raising kind students.  It makes such a difference in our school!!

Careers 8
One of the assignments for Careers 8 is for students to bring in a guest speaker or to interview someone so they can share what they learned with our class.  We have had many interesting guest speakers so far and look forward to many more!  We've heard from someone who works for Scott County making our roads safe, a nurse, an occupational therapist, a social worker, and a police officer, cosmetologist, electrician, dental assistant, EMT, and a veterinarian with a medical examiner and a carpenter on the calendar!
We will also hear from Career Specialist Christy Roschell of Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.  She will  to our students about the options at WITC in Rice Lake and the surrounding campuses.  

                                                         Electrician Brandon Johnson shows 
                                                    students how fiber optics reacts to a flashlight 
                                                    while describing his career as an electrician. 

Occupational Therapist Karen Meade has students attempt
tasks without the use of their thumb to see what kinds of
things an occupational therapist might help their 
clients with. 

Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year!
This will be my 7th year in the district serving grades 5-8 and I cannot wait for another great year!  I will be working with 5th graders during their BASE time, teach the quarterly class Careers 8, serve as the advisor for National Junior Honor Society, and supervise Level 3 resource.  
As the middle school counselor, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about your child.  I am here to help assist you in any way I can and if I don't know the answer, I'll find it for you! :)
Welcome back!

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