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CMS Football is a non-cut sport. Any athlete who tries out for the team, and fulfills all academic and athletic requirements for the team will play. There will be three teams (A,B,C). There will be an equipment check out the week before school, and practice will begin on the second day of school. 

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------------------------CMS Football Scores---------------------------------
2013 Football Scores
8th Grade
A: L 24-12 vs. Dawson

B: L 14-6 vs. Dawson

C: W 18-14 vs. Dawson

7th Grade
A: W 16-6 vs. Dawson
B: T 8-8 vs. Dawson
C: W 12-7 vs. Dawson
8th Grade
A: W 22-8 vs. Colleyville

B: W 31-6 vs. Colleyville

C: L 13-12 vs. Dawson

7th Grade
A: W 21-20 vs. Colleyville
B: W 8-0 vs. Colleyville
C: W 32-6 vs. Colleyville
8th Grade
A: W 44-0 vs. Heritage
B: W 38-0 vs. Heritage

C: L 13-12 vs. Dawson

7th Grade
A: W 40-20 vs. Heritage
B: W 8-0 vs. Heritage
C: W 19-0 vs. Heritage
8th Grade
A: W 16-0 vs. West
B: W 27-6 vs. West

C: Hillwood (cancel)

7th Grade
A: L 29-30 vs. West
B: W 16-0 vs. West
C: W 27-6 vs. West
8th Grade
A: W 45-0 vs. East
B: W 39-0 vs. East

C: W 27-6 vs. Tidwell

7th Grade
A: W 24-14 vs. East
B: W 32-0 vs. East
C: W 27-0 vs. East
8th Grade
A: W 30-6 vs. Pike
B: W 33-0 vs. Pike
C: W 21-0 vs. Tidwell

7th Grade
A: W 20-12 vs. Pike
B: W 34-0 vs. Pike
C: W 13-6 vs. Tidwell
8th Grade
A: W 38-0 vs. Grapevine
C: W 18-8 vs. Keller

7th Grade
A: W 40-0 vs. Grapevine
B: W 26-0 vs. Grapevine
C: W 27-0 vs. Grapevine
8th Grade
A: 32-8 vs. Cross Timbers
B: 18-0 vs. Cross Timbers
C: 13-6 vs. Tidwell

7th Grade
A: W 16-6 vs. Cross Timbers
B: L 18-7 vs. Cross Timbers
C: W 14-13 vs. Cross Timbers
8th Grade
A: W 8-6 vs. Coppell North
B: W 28-0 vs. Coppell North
C: W 12-6 vs. Dawson

7th Grade
A: L 26-6 vs. Coppell North
B: W 13-0 vs. Coppell North
C: W 13-0 vs. Coppell North

------------------------Current Season Records---------------------------------
2013 Football Program Record: 46-7-1
8th Grade (23-4)
A: 8-1(Co-District Champs)
B: 8-1(District Runner-Up)
C: 7-2 (District Champs)

7th Grade (23-3-1)
A: 7-2 (District Runner-Up)
B: 7-1-1 (District Champs)
C: 9-0 (District Champs)

------------------------Previous Season Records---------------------------------
2012 Football Program Record: 45-5-4
8th Grade (21-3-3)
A: 7-1-1
B: 7-1-1
C: 7-1-1

7th Grade (24-2-1)
A: 8-1
B: 8-0-1
C: 8-1

2011 Football Program Record:  44-8-1
7th Grade (21-4-1)
A: 7-2
B: 5-2-1
C: 9-0
8th Grade (23-4)
A:  8-1
B:  9-0
C:  6-3
2010 Football Program Record:  42-4-2
7th Grade (22-1-1)
A:  8-0
B:  7-1
C:  7-0-1
8th Grade  (20-3-1)
A:  7-0-1
B:  7-1
C:  6-2
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