CMS Athletic Apparel

The ordering window for CMS Athletic Apparel is now closed.


CMS Athletics Apparel Specifics:
  • Each student must be wearing: 
    •  CMS Athletics T-shirt (BLACK)
    •  Black shorts (can be your own, as long as they are predominately black) or the CMS Athletic shorts
    •  CMS sweats (when outside during cold weather)
  • Each student will be issued one shirt, one pair of shorts, and one set of sweats if they need them. The sweats issued may be an older version than the style on the ordering flyer. All issued clothes will be turned in at the end of the year, or the cost will be reimbursed by the athlete. We encourage everyone to buy extra t-shirts for hygiene and convenience reasons.
  • All other items on the order (Under Armour products) are optional, and are only made available for your convenience if you wish to purchase extra Dragon gear. These items are not acceptable to be worn during Athletics.