GSI Student Toolbox


GSI student toolbox was made for teaching purposes. Since the original GSI algorithm was made for hard-user a better interface had to be developed for students lacking previous connection to its system. Therefore this interface mask was created. The pack is called GSI student toolbox. 


a) GUI written in python.
b) Algorithms written in C/C++ for optimal performance.
c) Intuitive interface.
d) Simulation post-processing functions.
e) Runs GSI.


Status completion: work in progress
Has release: Yes
Has documentation: Yes
Currently: Functional
Developer: CERENA - CMRP
Developed by: CMRP Team
License: GNU GPL Version 3 ( (only to the GUI source code)
Language: English

You can download GSI student toolbox installer here:

You can download the GSI Student toolbox zipped software (no need for administrator rigths) here:

You can download quickstart guide here: