FillWorks is python based standalone scientific tool for cut and fill bidimensional studies over terrain profiles. You'll be able to plan a train or road line and get the visual output on it. Complete, with user guide. It was made when the centre CEGEO from CERENA was hired to make a study for a railway train in New Guinea. The software proved to be quite useful in early stages of conception due to simple interface as well as visual output.


a) You only need sparse data to get your project started.
b) Able to calculate essential properties such has areas, volumes, slopes, etc.
c) Gives you visual outputs on our project.
d) Able to interpolate over your original data.
e) Automatic or manual project line (road, railway, etc.) construction.
f) Open-source.
g) Built with python.
h) Standalone, no need to have python installed.


Status completion: done
Has release: Yes
Has documentation: Yes
Currently: Functional
Developer: SICRA/numist
Developed by: Pedro Correia, Tiago Henriques
License: GNU GPL Version 3 (
Language: English


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