ECMWF Parser


Due to participation from research centre CERENA in the international desertwatch project ( software needed to be made to handle the extensive databases necessary to this project successfull completion. ECMWF Parser was one such case and by now the most compreheensive tool built for that purpose. In early stages of development it was only intended to convert GRIB files to ASCII files with the help of WGRIB software (made within Climate Prediction Centre - National Weather Services, and apply operators over the data. GRIB is the file format provided by the ECMWF files (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts; By now it is a flexible tool box for anyone working with this type of files since it has an increasingly higher number of functions it can handle including file manipulation, estimation, variography and visualization.


a) Batch functions - workstation built for executing functions in several files at the same time.
b) Intuitive interface - it's a small script with big buttons, real easy to get around.
c) File manipulation - It can either join or divide files with user discretion.
d) Grid calculus - You can work your grids using counters or operators.
e) Estimation - nearest neighbour, IWD, ordinary kriging and simple kriging.*
f) Simulation - sequential gaussian simulation.*
g) Variography - it calculates variogram, co-variance and correlogram in the main directions.
h) Model implementation - it allows user defined model implementation in variography studies.
i) Image plots - saves image plots of the input grids.*
j) Written in Python
l) Open-Source.

* Only in python dependant version.


Status completion: work in progress
Has release: Yes
Has documentation: No
Currently: Functional
Developed by: Pedro Correia, Pedro Nunes
License: GNU GPL Version 3 (
Language: English


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Python dependant version: 

Standalone version (no kriging, simulation or grid plots):