1979 - 1970
It was during the 1970s that pocket calculators, Raleigh choppers and microwaves started to appear in British households.  It was also the decade of the birth of modern computing.  The first female British Prime Minister was elected in 1979.   

Abba became the musical phenomenon of the decade after coming to prominence in the Eurovision Song Contest.  In cinema, the 1970s were the years of Star Wars, Grease and Saturday Night Fever.   To keep up with fashion both men and women could wear platform shoes! 

In the 1970s much of Chislehurst became a Conservation area; and supermarket shopping arrived with the opening of Sainsbury's in the High Street.

Mrs Vera Quinn remembers well her daughter's first May Queen Crowning day:

'When I came downstairs with her dress she was nowhere to be found!  I sent my husband and young son to search the back alley on their bikes, whilst I went out front.  No sign at all.  As I turned to go home an elderly lady asked me if I was looking for a little girl in a white petticoat.
The lady told me she had tried to stop a bus then turned up Edgebury.  I ran on and there, opposite the school gates, was my 4 year old  daughter sitting on the grass.  When I asked her what she was doing she replied,"picking daisies to make a daisy chain for the May Queen."  We eventually arrived at the Ceremony with five minutes to spare - and a daisy chain!'

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1975 Fiona Christopher and Prince, Alison Duke

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