Developing self-sustaining forest of more than 2,500 trees over more than 500 square meters / 5000 square feet area in Chinmaya Maauli Ashram.

Complete the first stage of the project by 15th August 2017 as per the guidance from the experts.

Develop healthy & green environment around ashram giving fresh, pollution-free environment.
Fulfilling our responsible duty towards protecting and enriching the environment.

Starting from Guru-Poornima 9th July 2017 up-to Independence Day on 15th August, plant more than 1000 trees.
By Geeta Jayanti & Tapovan Jayanti in December 2017 complete planting 2000 trees. 
By end of this year complete 2500 trees.
By March 2018 complete almost 3000 trees.

Preparation of Ground, filling with soil, organic manure, husk etc. planting trees & covering to stop evaporation.

Project Cost:
Total Project cost is more than Rs 5,00,000.
Which includes, ground preparation, manpower required, procuring saplings, organic manure, water arrangement, plumbing, sprinkler system, removing weeds time to time. supporting fast-growing trees with bamboos. etc.
Taking care for 3 years.

Appeal for volunteering, a donation towards sponsoring trees, a donation in kind supplying material/saplings.

Reference Links:

Work Progress:

13 July 2017 :
Sample Sprinkler Tested.

12 July 2017 :
Tree Procurement work completed with more than 2000 saplings/plants of more than 250 varieties collected. 

11 July 2017 :
Information about the trees (size, spread, type etc.) collected from nursery experts.

08 July 2017 :
Received guidance and best wishes from Shri. Shubhendu Sharma directly over phone.
Two most important points mentioned by him are -
* Density should not be less than 3 to 5 trees per square meter.
* All trees must be native.

06 July 2017 :
More than 1400 trees procured of more than 180 native types.

03 July 2017 :
Layout of Trees done in Autocad.  More than 1500 Trees will be planted totally.

02 July 2017 :
Names tags are fixed and saplings are placed in organised manner for easy search.

01 July 2017 :
More than 1200 saplings of more than 90 native types are procured from various nurseries.
Laser engraved numbers on plastic tokens received.  Counted and grouped in hundred each.

29 June 2017 :
More than 400 saplings of more than 30 native types are procured from various nurseries. 

28 June 2017 :
First 15 Saplings of aavala / आवळा procured from Yashwantrao Chavan distribution center.

27 June 2017:
Sample engraved token

26 June 2017 :
Digging work completed.

25 June 2017 : Plastic Tags/tokens procured.
Numbers to be embossed and whole to be punched for all all trees in Duplicate.

16 June 2017 : Ground Digging Progress

15 June 2017 : Ground Digging Started

14 June 2017 : sample cow dung manure procured

13 June 2017 : Black Soil Procured
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