Book 1: Variables and Patterns

Book 2: Stretching and Shrinking

Book 3: Comparing and Scaling

Book 4: Filling and Wrapping

Book 5: Accentuate the Negative

Book 6: Moving Straight Ahead

Book 7: What Do You Expect

Accentuate the Negative

Welcome parents and students to this webpage where you will find help with the Connected Math (CMP) Unit named above.  Each underlined title you see below is a link to another page which will provide you with interactive practice  and explanation.  In CMP textbooks, chapters are called "investigations".   There is homework help, a practice quiz and, in some cases, video links for help with each investigation.  Have fun and remember to ask your teacher about anything you don't understand.

Introduction to Unit (A Letter with Important Concepts and Examples)

Mathematical Highlights

Vocabulary Quiz

Unit Investigations:

Investigation 1 - Extending the Number Line
          Homework Help
          Practice Quiz
          Video Links:
              1.  Representing Situations with Integers
              2.  Comparing and Ordering Integers Using Absolute Value or a Number Line

Investigation 2  - Adding and Subtracting Integers
             Homework Help
             Practice Quiz
             Video Links:
                  1.  Adding Integers using a Number Line
                  2.  Subtracting Integers
                 3.  Subtracting Integers to Solve Problems
                 4.  Naming Coordinates
                 5.  Graphing Points in the Coordinate Plane

Investigation 3 - Multiplying and Dividing Integers
            Homework Help
            Practice Quiz
            Video Links:
                 1.  Multiplying Integers
                 2.  Dividing Integers
                 3.   Dividing Integers to Solve Problems

Investigation 4 - Properties of Operations
               Homework Help
               Practice Quiz
               Video Links:
                  1.  Using the Order of Operations with Grouping Symbols
                  2.  Using the Distributive Property - Example 1
                  3.   Using the Distributive Property - Example 2