Teaching is a critical part of academic life. Effective teachers can transmit their passion, explain complex topics clearly, pose compelling questions and, most importantly, inspire students. This Module covers a range of topics, including effective teaching, classroom management, assessment, and syllabus preparation.

Pictured to the left, UCSC post-doc Julie Robidart gives a lecture at MBARI in 2012.

Details on how to complete this module

1.  Complete a C-MORE-approved teacher preparation program or workshop series (10-15 hours minimum).
Approved programs will be announced regularly through this site, and you are welcome to request approval for programs not listed.

New!  We held our first-ever Teaching Methods and Strategies Workshop on Jan 14, 2015, organized by Dr. Mónica Rouco-Molina (PDOC Vice President and Columbia University Frontiers of Science Lecturer).
Workshop materials are posted at the links below:

Other options:

The program goal is to develop fellows' understanding of career opportunities at different types of institutions, as well as the skills needed to succeed in teaching positions. The program offers professional development opportunities that highlight four areas of critical importance:

  1. Teaching science to undergraduate students
  2. Curriculum and/or course design and assessment
  3. Student-centered, active and engaged learning
  4. Students as research collaborators

Graduate Student Teaching Certificate Program (only open to MIT graduate students and post-docs) - To earn a certificate, students must attend several teaching workshops, submit assignments and be video recorded in a teaching session.

Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering seminar (only open to MIT graduate students) - This course prepares future science instructors and faculty with effective syllabus development, course evaluation and teaching skills.

2. Practice teaching at any academic level of your choice, if not included in your teacher preparation program (10-15 hours minimum).

3. Develop a written product documenting your teaching experience, such as a statement of your teaching philosophy, a full teaching portfolio, or informal reflection (5-10 hours minimum).







Additional resources

Resources for graduate students with teaching obligations, compiled by MIT's Teaching and Learning Laboratory. 

"The Torch and the Firehose: A Guide to Section Teaching", available for free on MIT's Open Courseware website.

Teaching events archive