Proposal Writing

This Module teaches participants where to find funding opportunities and how to write competitive grant proposals. This is important not only to support their current research, but also to show potential future employers that they have the skills to secure external funding.

This Module consists of 2 parts:
  1. Take a C-MORE-approved proposal-writing workshop; 
  2. Subsequently submit a proposal.

Details on how to complete this module

1. Take a C-MORE-approved proposal-writing workshop.

    Recent and upcoming workshops include:

The next National Science Foundation (NSF) Grants conference will be held in June 2015 in Tampa, Florida.

As described by NSF, "[t]his two-day conference is a must, especially for new faculty, researchers and administrators who want to gain key insight into a wide range of current issues at NSF including the state of current funding; new and current policies and procedures; and pertinent administrative issues. NSF program officers representing each NSF directorate will be on hand to provide up-to-date information about specific funding opportunities and answer your questions."
Contact the Policy Office: Phone (703) 292-8243, Email:

The link above also provides materials distributed at the most recent NSF Grants Conference (October 2014).

C-MORE Proposal Writing Workshop Videoconference on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, from 9 am - 1 pm HST / 12 - 4 pm PST / 3 - 7 pm EST.

The videoconference featured four speakers, who shared their expertise on grantsmithing and funding opportunities:
Matt Kane (Program Director, National Science Foundation)
Sonya Dyhrman (Associate Professor, Columbia University)
Paul Kemp (Associate Director, C-MORE)
Elisha Wood-Charlson (Postdoctoral Scholar, Australian Institute of Marine Science)
In addition to gaining tips from all speakers, workshop participants read and critiqued a previously submitted proposal in order to increase their understanding of the components of a successful grant submission.
C-MORE members can view recordings of some speaker presentations here.  Please enter your C-MORE username & password, followed by the usual password to view the individual videos.  Contact if you need a password reminder.

Pictured above, Dr. Paul Kemp leads a discussion on proposal writing in a workshop organized by Dr. Christine Shulse (seated at right).

2. Subsequently submit a proposal. Proposals can be submitted to C-MORE EDventures or another funding agency (e.g., NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program). Please send a copy of your submitted proposal to the C-MORE Education Office (

Additional resources

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