About My Science

Fabio De Leo recently (July 2012) received his PhD degree in Biological Oceanography at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His research focuses on investigating the vast biological diversity that inhabits the ocean’s seafloor (marine benthos). He studies deep-sea submarine canyons, which often are hotspots of biodiversity harboring countless life forms ranging from tiny little polychaete worms, colorful shrimps and crabs, corals and numerous bottom fish species . He is interested in finding these biodiversity hotspots in the ocean floor as a way to protect communities that may eventually be threatened by human activities such as fishing, oil and gas exploitation, seafloor mining and pollution. Fabio has more than 14 years of seagoing experience and has participated in research cruises off Antarctica, New Zealand, Hawaii,  Brazil and Norway, including submersible dives in submarine canyons off Hawaii. Fabio’s professional goals are tied in with science education and outreach. He has developed webpages for workshops in marine conservation and marine protected areas in the deep-sea, and has written science blogs broadcasting research cruise activities to the general public and to Hawaiian school communities.


Contact information:

Ph: +55 11 98249-7163


 Antarctic Peninsula, Feb 2009