Google Gadget Games

Have a little bit of fun

These are just a few of the dozens of entertaining Google Gadgets I've found. I'm putting them up here so you can play around a bit with them. 

Some are games, some are more like toys. All are enough fun for a relaxing coffe-break :) Feel free to bookmark to come back later!


Animal simulation: Fish

A few cute fishes hanging around at their aquarium. Click to drop food and watch them. I love the small circles they do on the surface.

Puzzle Game: Bejeweled

One of the biggest successes in online entertainment, raw puzzle fun! Follow the instructions; mainly, you have to click to swap the gems and make color groups of 3 gems.

Strategy Game: Dots

Click to color a line. The player that closes a square gets a point, and an extra line inmediately. Try to see how high can you score! 

Memory game: Memory

Another way of playing the classic! Try to find the image pairs in as few steps as possible. The photos are nice, too :)