Case Study

Jacksonville State University’s expansion of JSU Stadium signifies the dedication and support to growing the program into a nationally recognized and respect brand in collegiate football. With the addition of new premium seating including club level with a capacity of 1000+ and 33 new luxury suites, JSU had a large task at hand informing fans and the local communities about the great new amenities they offer.

The primary goal for this project was to increase overall stadium attendance as well as inform the general public about the new premium seating at JSU Stadium.

1. Coordination of hybrid direct mail campaign
2. Development of corporate ticket packages
3. Development of JSU Stadium Marketing & Development Committee
4. Broadcast of a football specific commercial
5. Hosting weekly stadium tours
6. Hosting local JSU social events
7. Lower prices on luxury suites
8. Implement club level guest promotion
9. Complimentary luxury suites for high interest organizations

1. A hybrid direct mail campaign was successfully launched and generated a 17% response rate from 5,000 targeted individuals which 15% higher than the average direct mail response rate. The responses provided athletics with a list of individuals who were interested in the new premium seating at JSU stadium as well as all of their contact information. The individuals who responded were contacted directly by JSU to provide more information on the new premium seating.

2. Corporate ticket packages were developed to encourage corporate support of JSU athletics. The primary benefit of corporate ticket packages is that it provides a business with a substantial amount of tickets at extreme discounts. These tickets can then be distributed to employees or used for promotions directed at customers. The primary benefit for JSU is that mass quantities of tickets are distributed into local communities encouraging new and potential fans to attend games. After development of the corporate ticket packages, JSU representatives began personally soliciting the packages across northeast Alabama with great success.

3. The JSU Stadium Marketing and Development Committee was set in place and tasked to meet once per week, develop lists of individuals to contact for ticket sales, discuss selling strategies, marketing and promotions, etc.

4. Creative Marketing Management recommended the airing of a football specific commercial that would increase awareness and excitement of JSU football.

5. Weekly stadium tours were started to allow high interest individual see the premium seating available at JSU Stadium. These tours informed individuals of all the new amenities and helped start a large amount of positive “word of mouth” marketing.

6. Local social events were hosted in the state to raise awareness of the new premium seating at JSU Stadium. These events were held at high profile locations with food and beverages and provide a great social setting to communicate the importance of support from JSU alumni, fans, and supporters.

7. It was recommended that the prices of the luxury suites be reduced to a more competitive level with other FCS institutions.

8. A promotion was implemented to encourage current club level ticket holders to invite guests to individual games for only $50 per ticket. The guest tickets will encourage more fans to upgrade their seating or become new ticket holders.

9. Complimentary luxury suites will be made available to high interest organizations and individuals in an effort to showcase the high level amenities and bring them closer to a final purchase.

For the inaugural game at the new JSU Stadium, over 64% of the premium seating was sold which is in the top echelon of all FCS institutions.  There was also an attendance record set at 22,168. 
 Video developed by BIG Communication
 Video developed by BIG Communication