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Absolute Beginners

Remember: Really rest your hand on the mouse, and get your fingers lined up so the first one is on top of the left mouse button and your middle finger is on top of the right mouse button. The scroll wheel should be between your fingers. Make sure you don't press down the scroll wheel when you mean to click the mouse!

This New User Tutorial was created by the Library Network for beginning mouse users. It is highly recommended.

Flower Garden – Every click adds a flower to your garden. Hold down the button and move your mouse for a bouquet. This game is really good if you have trouble figuring out where your mouse is on the screen.

Create a modern art masterpiece at Jackson Pollock. Click the mouse to change colors; move slower for a thick line, faster for a thin one. Click any key to save your work; use F5 to start over. 

Hamster Surprise – Very little clicking, mostly moving the mouse left to right.

Valo - Click all the blue squares to go to the next level. But wait - there are other colors too! Don't click the red ones (yes, they look pink to me too), or let them touch you! But the green, purple and yellow are good for you. Valo starts simple, but gets really hard, so be prepared.