2014 Workshop Details

Each workshop is approximately three hours long, limited to 15 participants and costs $25 a person.

Pre-registration is necessary for workshops, but not general sessions which are FREE.
Visit the REGISTRATION page for more information.

Pre-registration is required ONLY for those events with a fee, and/or limited attendance.
General sessions are free and no advance registration is necessary. You may register for events via PayPal on the website, or you may send this form with your check to the address shown below.
Tickets for paid events can be picked up at the registration desk in the lobby of the Burnsville 
Town Center during the Festival. 

Registration fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, your fee will be considered a donation to the Literary Festival.

• • •

Friday September 5, 2014    9:00 - 11:45 am


 Story from Thin Air

Story comes from everywhere. A line of overheard dialogue, an interesting find in a junk shop, a newspaper headline, a photo found in the attic, etc. This prompt based workshop will provide attendees with a variety of tangible items to hold, contemplate, and use to create new story or to enhance a work in progress. A series of guided exercises will also show attendees how to see their story from different emotional, physical, and atmospheric angles thus allowing the writer to open all the doors and windows to their story. We will also discuss the difference between experience and understanding as it applies to the old adage of "write what you know," thereby helping attendees see that they "know" much more than they realize.

• • •

Friday September 5, 2014    2:00 - 4:45 pm


Making Meaning of Our Memories

In this class, we'll talk about the "so what" factor that takes any story, memory, or moment and connects it with the universal. We all have stories to tell, snapshots in time that changed us, or life lessons to recount. Many of us are already skilled at writing these and some are still just beginning. In either case, this class will give writers a short list of techniques to try on their own in order to take their writing to the next level, writing in a way that allows readers to make meaning of the memories and relate them to the human predicament. Once we understand this concept, we'll dive head-first into the main focus of this class: a memory acquisition exercise and writing prompt that should leave you confident to express a deeper, more fully realized part of your memoir. Class time will include mini- lectures and large group or partner discussions, concluding with a time to share a few lines and our mutual inspiration, laying bare the creative process.

• • •

Saturday September 6, 2014    9:00 - 11:45 am


From Concept to Publishing: Learning the Steps for Writing a Memoir

It's a simple fact. The past will get lost if we don't share it. True accounts, the fantastic life experiences as well as the ordinary day to day stories, need to be recorded. The Memoir Writing Workshop is designed for those who are interested in preserving precious stories, but are unsure where to begin. The workshop starts with a look at the possibilities, continues through researching techniques and writing ideas, and concludes with publishing resources. This will be a time of gathering ideas and finding solutions as participants focus on personal goals, processes and tools.

• • •

Saturday September 6, 2014    2:00 - 4:45 pm


To Dwell in Possibility

In this seminar, we'll consider the possibility of dwelling, as reader and writer, in possibility. What happens when, as a reader of poetry, we resist the urge to understand a poem, choosing instead to redirect our attention to a more careful seeing and hearing of its various parts? What happens when, as a poet, we consider the many possible directions a poem-in-process could move, without ignoring or shutting down some of those possibilities early in the process? We'll look at a poem or two, including Dickinson's "I Dwell in Possibility," and perhaps Stevens' "Metaphors of a Magnifico" and Peter Cole's "Things On Which I've Stumbled", and we may do a bit of writing. We'll also do some contemplative practices to see what happens in our own bare experience when we try to dwell in possibility.