Name          Dr. Carey M. Lisse

   Affiliation     Senior Research Scientist , JHU-APL

   Address      11100 Johns Hopkins Road

   City, State   Laurel, MD 20723

   Phone         (240) 228-0535

   e-mail          carey.lisse@jhuapl.edu

Current Role - Studies of the physical properties of primitive solar system objects; the rock-forming dust and water ice/gas contained in comets, the IPD cloud, the Proto-Solar Nebula, and YSOs; x-ray emission from solar system bodies and the heliosphere; and designing, building, and operating Solar System spacecraft missions.

Related Experience / Education

1981                     B.A. Chemistry, Princeton University

1984                     M.S. Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley

1990                     M.S. Physics, University of Maryland

1992                     Ph.D. Physics, University of Maryland

1995                     Radiation Detection Methods Course, GSFC

1999                     Modern Infrared Detectors and System Applications, UCSB


1985-1995           Astrophysicist, NASA/Goddard Spaceflight Center

1995-1999           Associate Research Scientist, University of Maryland

1990-2001           HST Instrument Scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute

2001-2004             Senior Research Scientist, University of Maryland

2004 - Present     Senior Research Scientist, JHU-APL

Previous project participation - COBE, Chandra, SWIFT, HST, DEEP IMPACT

COBE : Cryogenic infrared bolometer development for the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite, testing and integration of the Diffuse Infrared Background Experiment (DIRBE) into COBE, and computer modeling of the DIRBE instrumentation; launch support, mission ops, and initial data analysis and checking during the  10 month sky survey mission; scientific analysis and production of a dissertation on the cometary dust observed by COBE/DIRBE.

HST: Design, development, and testing of the pan-chromatic last generation WFC3 camera to be loaded on board HST during the SM4 final servicing mission.

Deep Impact - Member of the science team. Responsibilities included writing of the initial DIscovery proposal; scientific trade studies, including modeling the expected impactor targeting sensitivity requirements, given a nucleus of unknown size embedded in a bright dust/gas coma; estimating the dust impact hazard for the impactor and flyby spacecraft, allowing design and implementation of the spacecraft ACS and protective "Whipple" dust shield; comparison of the comet nucleus and coma properties to those of other comets; instrument design, testing, and integration; launch support; in-flight data analysis and mission ops planning; deputy lead for world-wide remote observing campaign of the encounter; PI of the Spitzer and Chandra observing campaigns of the encounter.


·     NASA COBE Group Achievement Award, 1990                                                           Elected to Phi Kappa Phi, 1990

·     GSFC Productivity Group Award, 1993                                  

COBE Science Team Group Achievement Award, 1996

·     STScI Science Merit Award, 2000                                   Space Foundation Space Achievement Award, STScI, 2001

·     Asteroid 12226 Caseylisse, named 2001                                                                               Elected AAAS Fellow, 2004

·     JPL Stardust Flight Team Achievement Award, 2005             EPOXI Flight Team Group Achievement Award, 2009 

·     Cambridge Isaac Newton Institute Visiting Fellowship, 2009    JHU/APL Special Achievement Award, 2006, 2010

Selected Relevant Publications

·Lisse, C.M., Chen, C., Wyatt, M. et al. 2011. "Spitzer Evidence at ~1 Gyr for LHB-Like Delivery of Organics & Water From the Kuiper Belt to the THZ of h Corvi By a Ureilite-Like Body", ApJ (in press)

·Livengood, T. A.,  Deming, L.D., A'Hearn, M. F., Charbonneau, D.,  T., Hewagama, T., Lisse, C. M., McFadden, L.A., Meadows, V. S., Robinson, T. D., Seager, S., 2011. “Observed Properties of an Earth-Like Planet Orbiting a Sun-Like Star”, ApJ (under revision)

·Cowan, N.B., Robinson, T. D., Livengood, T. A.,  Deming, L.D., A'Hearn, M. F., Charbonneau, D., Seager, S., T., Hewagama, T., Lisse, C. M., Meadows, V. S., Shields, A., & Wellnitz, D. D. 2011. “Rotational Variability of Earth’s Polar Regions: Implications for Detecting Snowball Planets”, ApJ 731, 76

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