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We were given the opportunity to join this project publishing platform just a few days after it went live. It looks like an interesting site, and we are glad to be a part of it. Here is our project page:


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Transistor (Provo, 2011)

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CMKT 4 Freaks Out the Freaks

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One of the weirdest bands I ran into is a local group called CMKT4. Self described as a “hackerspace rock-trio;” its odd, spacey noises and masks made out of baby dolls and hacked together children’s electronic toys demanded my attention.

While I could write more than an article’s worth on just CMKT4 and their awesome circuit bending experiments, I think they summed it up quite succinctly when they said, “We were invited along to this festival of jam bands, we just wanted to add some freakiness.” 

CMKT 4 Makes The Nashville Scene

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Useful for noise music artists experimenting with sound, contact mics are tiny microphones that amplify vibrations, turning any object into a musical instrument. Always wanted to play your favorite coffee mug? Done. Forget your guitar — aren’t you dying to hear the guitar case? Check. Come one, amplify all. New kid on the block The Brick Factory hosts this event, which teaches you how to make your very own contact mic out of recycled bottle caps. Members of the circuit-bent hacker-space-rock trio CMKT 4 will run the workshop, then perform a show. Fifteen dollars gets you a spot at both, while the show alone will cost you $5. (Note: broke peeps get to watch the workshop for free!) Bring your own instruments and objects to amplify. Goodies and surprises are also mysteriously promised, as is the chance to play with and buy cool gear for sale through Say wha?
— Cayla Mackey

CMKT 4 makes an appearance in Hackerspace Happenings

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CMKT 4 to Hold More Hackerspace Classes

Circuit benders CMKT 4, who visited hackerspaces to hold contact microphone classes, are back at it again with a new tour starting February 17th and extending into April.

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