About the band


Austin Cliffe - Drums, Circuits, Vocals

Jeff Cox - Bass, Circuits, Vocals

Zach Adams - Guitar, Circuits, Vocals

"CMKT 4 is a rock trio from DeKalb, IL. Built around a Garage Rock core, they blend in unique circuit bent devices to produce psychedelic soundscapes and epic rock anthems. The band draws from its extensive catalog of original material, infused with improvisational segments, making each show a completely unique experience. Their songs span multiple genres, seamlessly transitioning between Folk, Country, Rock, Jazz and more.  With many Electronic Additions and Circuit Bent Surprises added to the Holy Trinity of Rock (Guitar, Bass, Drums), CMKT 4 is The Biggest Trio You Can Fit Into A Honda." 

"One of the weirdest bands I ran into is a local group called CMKT 4. Self described as a “hackerspace rock-trio;” its odd, spacey noises and masks made out of baby dolls and hacked together children’s electronic toys demanded my attention." - The Northern Star

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