CMKT 4 is going to the Maker Faire!

posted Mar 23, 2012, 9:27 AM by CMKT FOUR DeKalb   [ updated Apr 9, 2012, 12:43 PM ]

CMKT 4 is going to California! Again! This will be their 5th major Maker Faire, and their 2nd time at the Bay Area Maker Faire. CMKT 4 will make their way from DeKalb, Illinois, stopping at as many hackerspaces as possible. This year, they will be focusing on the Southwest. Starting with hackerspaces in Oklahoma and Texas, CMKT 4 will be teaching their world famous Creme DeMentia Contact Microphone Workshop. Workshop attendees will use recycled materials and a few electronic components to make their very own Contact Mic. The Contact Mic turns physical vibrations into an audio signal. They are useful for acoustic instruments, drum triggers, experimental sounds, and much more.

A very special workshop will be held at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico. CMKT 4 will be putting on a special afternoon performance to commemorate the occasion, followed by the workshop. The workshop will focus on how we use electronics to create Sci-Fi and Space Sounds. This, like all CMKT 4 workshops, will be followed by a performance from the band.

By the time CMKT 4 reaches the Maker Faire, they will have taught workshops at over 50 hackerspaces across the United States.

Also, CMKT 4 will be appearing on Over The Edge radio May 18th starting at 12 am!! Listen online!!

For a complete listing of events, click here

5/2 Ames Makerspace - Ames, IA
5/3 Columbia Gadget Works - Columbia, MO
5/4 OHM Space - Oklahoma City, OK
5/5 Dallas Makerspace - Dallas, TX
5/6 ATX Hackerspace - Austin, TX
5/7 10-Bit Works - San Antonio, TX
5/8 International UFO Museum and Research Center - Roswell, NM
5/9 Quelab - Albequeque, NM
5/10 (Flagstaff, AZ)
5/11 Heat Sync Labs - Phoenix, AZ
5/12 SYN Shop - Las Vegas, NV
5/14 (San Diego, CA)
5/15 Build Shop - Los Angeles, CA
5/16 Mojave Makers - Mojave Air and Space Port, CA
5/17 Hacker Dojo - Mountain View, CA
5/18 Over The Edge radio show - Berkeley, CA
5/18 Maker Faire - San Mateo, CA
5/19 Maker Faire - San Mateo, CA
5/20 Maker Faire - San Mateo, CA
5/22 Ink Annex - Eureka, CA
5/23 The Curious Forge - Grass Valley, CA
5/24 Bridgewire Reno - Reno, NV
5/25 Transistor - Provo, UT
5/26 (Boulder, CO)
5/27 Lincoln Hacker League - Lincoln, NE

Any cities in parentheses have not been confirmed. If you have any suggestions for those dates, feel free to email us - cmktfour [at] gmail dot com
Check back soon for updates!