CMKT 4 announces Southeast US Hackerspace Tour

posted Feb 2, 2012, 9:58 AM by CMKT FOUR DeKalb   [ updated Feb 9, 2012, 8:09 AM ]

Hackerspace Rock Trio CMKT 4, the makers of Creme DeMentia Contact Microphones, have traveled the country teaching their workshops. In July of 2010, they attended the Detroit Maker Faire, which gave them a glimpse of the growing hackerspace movement. Shortly after, they had developed a kit for building their contact microphones in a workshop setting. They introduced their workshop at Omnicorp Detroit. Since then, CMKT 4 has taught workshops at 30 more hackerspaces, as well as several galleries and other venues. From Crash Space in LA, to AS220 Labs in Providence, RI, the band has been canvasing the country in an effort to leave no hackerspace behind. CMKT 4 now offers a second workshop (Circuit Bending 101: Build a Bending Buddy), and has made return visits to several hackerspaces. The workshops are intended to provide a unique perspective on DIY electronics, while encouraging the creative use of recycled materials. 


Perhaps the most unique part of the workshop, is the fact that it is taught by a rock band. CMKT 4 workshops usually end with a set from the band, from circuit bent soundscapes to straightforward rock. 


CMKT 4 will be heading to Florida, and the Southeast portion of the US, this February. 


2/17 –  Louisville, KY – CMKT 4 Performance w/ Ben Traughber and No Copper, Lisa's Oak St. Lounge, 1004 Oak Street, Louisville, KY, 9pm


2/18 - Knoxville, TN - Contact Mic Workshop, Technology Cooperative, 130 W. Jackson Ave., Knoxville, TN, 2pm, $15




2/19 -  Asheville, NC - Contact Mic Workshop, Mojo Coworking, 4 Wall Street, Asheville, SC, 2pm, $15


2/19 – Asheville, NC – CMKT 4 Performance w/ “Nightmare of Noise” Puppet Show, and special guests Hellblinki, Bobo Gallery, 22 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC, 8pm

2/18 – Winston-Salem, NC – Contact Mic Workshop, Fablocker, 1020 Brookstown Ave #17, Winston-Salem, NC, 7pm, $15


2/21 - Raleigh-Durham, NC -- Contact Mic Workshop, Splatspace, 331 W. Main St., Durham, NC, 7pm, $15


2/22 - Charleston, SC - Contact Mic Workshop, Makelab Charleston, 1370 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC, 7pm, $15


2/23 - OFF


2/24 – Jacksonville, FL – Contact Mic Workshop, Shantytown Pub, 22 W. 6th St., Jacksonville, FL, 7pm, $15


2/24 - Jacksonville, FL – CMKT 4 Performance w/TBA, Shantytown Pub, 22 W. 6th St., Jacksonville, FL, 9pm


2/25 - Orlando, FL - Contact Mic Workshop, Familab, 1355 Bennett Drive, Unit 129, Longwood, FL, 2pm, $15


2/25 – Orlando, FL – CMKT 4 Performance w/TBA, Sip, 724 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL, 9pm


2/26 - St. Petersburg, FL -- Contact Mic Workshop, The Venture Compound, 2621 Fairfield Ave. S, St. Petersburg, FL, 2pm, $15


2/27 - Atlanta, GA -- Contact Mic Workshop, Freeside ATL, 675 Metropolitan Parkway
         Suite 6066, Atlanta, GA, 7pm, $15


2/28 – Murfreesboro, TN, CMKT 4 Performance w/TBA, Boro Bar, 1211 Greenland Drive, Murfreesboro, TN, 9pm, Free


2/29 - Nashville, TN, Contact Mic Workshop, Brick Factory, 209 10th Ave. S, Suite 126, Nashville, TN, 7pm, $15




*For booking inquiries, please email us at cmktfour (at) gmail (dot) com, or contact us via