About Us

We are a group of students aiming to augment the communication between CMIX students. 

In order to do this, we arrange and coordinate various student activities within the CMIX school. In our events, we aim to create a free environment where everyone feel comfortable to share their thoughts.

Feel free to contact us if  you have questions!

Ege Beyazit exb6143@louisiana.eduPresident
Jacob Bernard jdb1150@louisiana.eduVice President & President of ACM Chapter in UL Lafayette
Abhimanyu Lakhotia ajl7688@louisiana.eduTreasurer
Rashida Hasan rxh5385@louisiana.eduBoard Member
Shekufeh Shafeie sxs7087@louisiana.eduBoard Member
Ryan Baird rcb8643@louisiana.eduBoard Member
Yilang Guo yxg3715@louisiana.eduBoard Member