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If you are reading this, then you stumbled on the initial website dedicated to LORE RPG.  

 What is Legends of Balance? 

Legends of Balance  (tentative title) is a Role-Playing Game in development by Chris Hemphill.  The Goal is to create a multiverse where anything can happen.  There will be a release of the LoB: Core Codex (tentative title) hopefully in the near future. 

 Purpose of this website

 Right now, this website is solely for the posting of news regarding Legends Publishing and Games, games and supplements as well as any other games developed by myself or a select few close friends. If you have any questions feel free to email Chris at cmhemphill@gmail.com



A new year and many things have happened since my last update.  First, I lost my job via layoff.  Fun.  I had a couple of months to do nothing but look after my kids and find a job.  I have now found one, started in December, and have  been on the road almost constantly going through training.  I had written about 20-30 pages of notes and mechanics, and did a stupid thing of not keeping a backup safe.  Recently, the Hard Disk that everything was stored on up and died.  I am trying to gather as many of my written notes together and will restart writing.  I'm looking at this like a blessing in disguise.  The planning of the game, mechanically, was becoming too cumbersome.  I love the flexibility of various systems out there which are minimalistic in skills and/or abilities, which was not happening in my own game. 

One of the things I am upset about is the loss of graphics for the game as well as the loss of my two-pager I was cleaning up to post.  I will try to recreate that one, since all notes were electronic.  Of course that ironic, since the theme is playing one of the last pure humans fighting against the merging of mankind and machine, being so ritious, that you were given "holy-natural" powers equivilant to what the blended can do.  Was fairly neat and the mechanics of which got me thinking of redoing LoB.

As always, feel free to email me.


ALright, I had a few folks who really liked the Logo, so I have a store at Cafepress.com with the logo on almost all items I could choose.  If I get enough interest in other designs, I will see about creating those as well.  You can reach the store here


Alright, for those few who keep up with this, I have been doing some research and what was LORE is now Legends Publishing and Games (LPnG) and the RPG that is underdevelopement has a new title: Legends of Balance.  I like this name better for a few reasons; one, no copywrite issues, two, tied to the underlying theme of the RPG and the characters, and three, sounds pretty sweet.

Production of the mechanics is running slower than expected, a bit distracted by the details, but I'm doing research in RPG structure and hope to be back on track soon.  In the mean time, I have begun development of our first boardgame, Redemption, set for beta-test in September.


Ok, I'm looking for a new name since I just stumbled on another independant publisher's website www.loregaming.com.   For those that I have sent this website to, or who have stumbled on it, email me at the above address with suggestions.  Please keep in mind a few things.  1) In the LORE realm, there are dragons.  They have varied powers, but all can shift into three forms, but they are usually hunted in most realms.  2) We are looking at publishing more than just a RPG, but a variety of games from RPG to CCG and board games.  Thanks all for your support.


Basic rules are almost complete.  Finishing combat rules and compiling skill and spell lists.  Looking to go alpha testing by end of July. 


The initial setup of LORE HQ, LORE RPG's homepage at googlepages.com has been done.  Magick system for the game is created, spell listings are started and the character creation section is about 33% complete.  Still working on skill listings and developing racial packets.   Goal for the next two weeks: Complete character gen up to racial information.  Luckily Dragons are half way done.

Additional Links will be posted here.