Catholic Men’s Fellowship of St. Barbara’s

An informal fellowship of Catholic men in Harrison City, PA and surrounding areas

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Faith Enrichment

All Catholic men are at different places on their faith journey. CMF offers the support, friendships and resources to assist all men to better understand and live their Catholic faith. Contact us if you are interested in joining one of our groups. All men are welcome, regardless of where you are on your faith journey.


Beginning Saturday, October 13, CMF will offer Signposts. Signposts is an informal discussion group that wrestles with the issues of trying to live as a Catholic man in today's society. This group will meet for one hour every other Saturday morning and there is no commitment required. Attend only the sessions you are able.

Christian Fathering

CMF regularly offers Christian Fatherhood, an informal discussion group for fathers of children of all ages. This group identifies and addresses the unique needs of fathers and gives them the practical truths to become faithful husbands and conscientious fathers. Pope John Paul II emphasized the indispensable role of fathers: "Above all where social and cultural conditions so easily encourage a father to be less concerned with his family... efforts must be made to restore socially the conviction that the place and task of the father in and for the family is of unique and irreplaceable importance."


Apologetics is learning about, understanding, and being able to defend the Catholic faith. CMF regularly offers informal discussion groups in Catholic faith and doctrine. Through these groups, men are able better able to explore and understand the many difficult areas of our Catholic faith and to develop a stronger faith rooted in knowledge.

Additional Discussion Groups

Catholic men are at many different places in their faith growth and CMF offers many additional groups focused on specific areas of interest. Some of our other groups include:

  • Gospel of Mark
  • Biblical Prophecy
  • Father Corapi: Spiritual Warfare

New topics are always welcomed! If you have ideas for a new men's study group, please contact us.

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